Friday, August 26, 2011

5 fave friday

5. this colour combo

I absolutely love the combo of purple and turquoise so much! And all of these purple and turquoise things are pretty cool!

4. confetti nails
all lacquered up
let them have polish

I originally saw this technique on Maie Dae and I think it looks so adorable! I need to put this on my list of things to try.

3. Order and Chaos digital drawings!

Wow, crazy talented. These are so spot on. Go check out this post to see who these lovely ladies are. (although, I'm pretty sure you can already tell!)

2. this dress
Strawberry Waffles Dress

1. My new camera!! 

I am so obsessed with my new camera body and I am so glad I upgraded! <3

I have a busy rest of the day ahead of me so I better get cracking! I hope everyone has a great Friday!



  1. Love the purple/turquoise combo! And i'm toally trying out the confetti nails look this weekend!x

  2. eeepp! oh goodness elycia, thank you so much for the suuuuper kind words about my drawings! you're such a doll <3 xo. holly

  3. awesome for your new camera!!!! I need an upgrade soon!! cheers for friday!

  4. I LOVE that first dress! Such a cute blog Elycia!

  5. Purple and turquoise together is one of my favorite color combos as well!

    And I am *in love* with the portrait of KB. So talented!

  6. ooh! new camera? awesome! :D I love the color combo, and those yellow confetti nails are awesome! those are also pretty epic portraits ;)

  7. Both dresses are stunning! I really need to get me some more peter pan collars;)

  8. the 2 dresses you posted and the drawings are incredible!! fleece cumpleanos... get out of here with that cutneess!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. I love both of those dresses! :) and how exiting is your new camera!! eeek! Hope you have a lovely weekend!
    x Beth

  10. The purple dress is very pretty ! have fun with your new camera :)

  11. I love adorable nail polish!so cuute!;pI love adorable nail polish!so cuute!;p

  12. That dress totally looks like Olive Oil's dress from Popeye! So cute!

  13. Love the nails! I'm guessing that first girl is Elsie...:P (following!) :]

  14. Purple/turquoise looks really great. Also those nails are sick!!


  15. the illustrations are so cute, i love them soo much!

  16. I have that purple Superheadz camera, it's my favourite toy camera, it takes such great photos when it's sunny out.

    (I love your blog by the way, I just found you a few days ago)

  17. I think I need that turquoise stapler in my life! I would staple EVERYTHING.


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