Saturday, August 27, 2011

Questions Answered :: Wedding

Here I am with a late in the day post to answer a bunch of wedding related questions. As you can see, I filmed some of this with light pink hair and some with bright pink! Isn't that fun? Now you do a direct comparison. I'm sure that was on your list of things to do today anyways so I just saved you some time.

Blog Questions - Wedding from love elycia on Vimeo.



  1. super cute hairs! i'm partial to the cotton candy pink because it was one of my most favorite hair colors out of all the six million i've had.

  2. Oh my god, the look on your face at the end made me laugh so hard I woke up my cat!

    She's sulking with me now. Whatever, totally worth it.


  3. I've never watched any of your videos before, but I'm really glad I watched this one! You're so cute! And I love your Canadian accent, haha.

  4. your smile is absolutely contagious! It makes me laugh every time you mention that you live in Burlington! So many bloggers are from out of Canada, let alone from somewhere I visit so often!!
    You've definitely got a great personality for vlogging, super fun to watch :)

  5. Thank you so much for answering my question!!!

  6. "I'm an only child, I don't know, I think I turned out just fine... O_o"

    - Made me laugh so loud! I love your vblogs. Definitely partial to the light pink hair & fyi your smile is infectious! :]

    xo Amy

  7. Hi! Love watching your videos :) I had a great idea for a Selexa video that we should talk about! Remind me next time we talk in person.... question- are you startinga new trend, wearing your wedding ring on your right hand? Or did I mix up my lefts and rights while watching your video? hah

  8. Youre soooo stinkin cute! And I love how your cats are just napping behind you lol so adorable

  9. thanks guys!

    north star: i need to know about this selexa idea so i will email you tonight! Also, I use photobooth on my mac to film the videos and it does everything mirror image. So, it's on my left hand but it looks like it's on my right in the video!


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