Sunday, August 7, 2011

photos :: family

As I mentioned, Ivan and I went to a family get together a little while ago. There were lots of photos and information about my family history but my favourite photo was definitely this one.
That is my Dad's family from when he was in high school. My Dad is the handsome young man, second from the left. My grandparents are the ones on the far left and the rest are my aunts and uncle. My dad was the youngest in the family by 9 years I believe. Look how cool my aunts look! So retro and awesome!

I have a favourite old photo of my mom and a favourite old photo of my dad that I will photograph soon to show you. I really love looking at old photos! Do you have any favourite old photos of your parents or grandparents?



  1. Would you believe I have *none*? My sisters have the family collection of old photographs and haven't sent any my way. But there is one I can never forget and that was a picture of my mom. She was graduating high school and wanted, for the first time in her life, short hair!

    Her mom, my grandma, told her to not. cut. her. hair. Well... My mom did! She actually kept cutting and cutting until she got THE cutest pixie cut EVER. I so want to mimic that hairstyle one day. ^_^

  2. This is so cool! I love old pictures. My grandparents have most of the old pictures, so I'll probably inherit some of those. I love them.

  3. Love this sort of stuff:)
    Yeah, in our hallway we have three pictures: my grandma, my mom and me all from when we were about two. Those are probably my favorites.
    And I have a small collection of random old photos I bought in secondhand shops.

  4. I love your grandmother's dress!
    I recently did a selection of old photographs with my dad, and I definitely found some treasures! Just the clothes and hairstyles of everyone were worth it!
    I hope you have a lovely Sunday!
    -Sandra Ponycat

  5. I have an absolute favorite photo of my parents that I use to always look at- makes me want to make sure I print my photos out for the future- you know how everything is digital now!

  6. its one of my favorite things to do at my relatives places. I love hearing the old stories behind all the pictures. I love seeing my husbands family photos, because I didn't grow up how he did.

    My favorite old photo of my grandparents is one of them as teenagers going on a picnic. He snapped a photo of her getting into his car, and she was startled in the photo, being caught off guard. Its so cute.

  7. I love looking at old photos! I don't have too many (my parents have most of them) but it's crazy how much you look like one parent or the other. :) Have a great Sunday!

  8. LOVE this shot! Look at those hair-dos and those glasses. I have many favorites of my parents and as I scan them in for my new project, I plan to share them soon. Lots of 70s flare. :)

    ♥ sécia

  9. I love old photographs too. I have the most awesome picture of my grandparents when they were in their early 20's and my grandpa was in the military. I'll have to share it. =]

  10. I have lots. I take some every time I am back home visiting. I should post some of my own.

  11. There is this picture of my grandparents, where my grandmother is on stilts and my grandfather is holding them for balance in their backyard. I absolutely love the picture.


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