Saturday, August 20, 2011

what i did :: ivan's birthday

As I mentioned, one week ago today was Ivan's birthday. Earlier in the week Ivan's mom had us over for a birthday dinner and got this...
It was a super delicious vegan carrot cake from Cake & Loaf. Nickey even used buttons like she did on our wedding cake! So adorable. And seriously, this cake was so yummy. I can't even...*drool*...ok, I need to stop talking about this.

Luckily today we are on our way to the 'soft' opening (family & friends only) of Cake & Loaf bakery so I will be able to get my vegan baked goods fix shortly. I'm not 100% sure of when the grand opening is but I believe it is sometime in September. If you live in Hamilton (or will be visiting) the bakery is on Dundurn and Homewood. Pop by once they are open (and tell them elycia sent you).


ps. oh yeah, here are some instax photos of the birthday boy on his birthday :)


  1. That cake is adorable! Love the buttons and the colors!
    I mentioned you in a post this morning, because you are awesome. :)

  2. i love the cake! are they edible buttons?

  3. That cake looks delish!
    Please tell me that is coconut on the outside!

  4. Hi!

    I seriuosly LOve that cake, im a fan of carrot cake, and specially if it comes with buttons :p

    have a lovely day(:

    Carmila Ponycat

  5. happy birthday to your man! But hold the phone... you live in hamilton?... like, Ontario? Why was I thinking you're in the states (maybe visits with Kaylah...?).. that's cool tho!
    Another Ontario girl,

  6. That cake. looks. DELICIOUS!!! I'm lucky my husband is out buying donuts as I type or else I would be scavenging through the cupboards preparing to make a cake! I think I could look at cakes and pastries all day, so beautiful.

    Moms are the sweetest, aren't they!

  7. The cake looks delicious!

    Happy belated birthday wishes Ivan :]

    xo Amy

  8. Katie, yes they were edible buttons!
    Amy, that is coconut!
    Mel, yes Hamilton, Ontario! Are you close by? I'm going to visit your blog :)

  9. nom nom! that cake looks amazing! and happy birthday, Ivan :)
    I love the instax pictures!

  10. That cake looks SO yummy! Happy bealted-birthday to your hunny!
    - Mandi

  11. Thank you Elycia for the nice comment! It means a lot to me that you visited my page. :)
    OOH coconut is one of my new favorite flavors! I used to be a crazy choco-holic, but since last fall I've been more interested in coconut, pineapple, mango, and pear anything. Very strange.


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