Friday, August 19, 2011

5 fave friday

Today I am spending the day at Ivan's work because we are going to a party out this way later tonight. I have plans to get a bunch of drawing done but are some things that I love!

5. Connect Design
I discovered this shop through Sandi's blog (adalou vintage) and I love it! Two of my favourite items are the watch diary and the iPhone DIY case.
I neeeeeeed that case! Immediately, if not sooner.

4. Meredith's super adorable crocheted hot chocolate. You can get it with a little pocket so it can be used as a gift card holder. Meredith! You are a genius!
Also, this...
Um, wow. I love it.

3. Yellow dresses

2. Dip dyed hair
I love the two tones in Mary's hair. Mary, you are so cute I am basically dying!
Meredith's blue is super pretty too! I love it! Another person killing me with cuteness.

I am currently trying to decide whether to dye the tips of my hair purple-ish blue or so the whole underneath like i did before...
Any votes?

1. This crochet bunting tutorial. love!!!
so pretty.

Well, I'm off to get things done and possibly squeeze in a quick thrift trip. When I say possibly I mean definitely. I hope everyone has a great day!



  1. Thank you SO much Elycia for all of the love!! You are the greatest ever.

    P.S. - your comment on my blue hair post made me laugh and smile! So sweet of you! :-)

    1. The style of shirt works great for the party... i like all this accessories... i m so happy to get this all superb stuff...

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! I love those darling crocheted cocoas and is that last one tea?! SO CUTE!!! I must have some for myself.

    Everything here is SO "ME." We have such similar taste. :D

  3. I love that third yellow dress!! How pretty! {The second one is too!!} and I know whatever you end up doing to your hair will look beautiful! Have fun thrifting girl!! xo

  4. i love those DIY cases, i blogged them too! i would love to see the hair colored underneath like your photo ;)

  5. Elycia I LOVE everything! I always look forward to your 5 Fave Friday because you always show the most awesomess things!! I love yellow dresses too :) You hair always looks so fun and pretty so I'm sure whatever you decide will be just as cute!

  6. I love the yellow floral dress! and i really like your hair with it dyed underneath! it looks really pretty!

  7. Hi!

    I LOVE everything in your list today!
    I Like that your going to add another color to your hair! purple looks great with pink (Ive try almost every combination myself:p ) I personaly like more the whole underneath idea, but either way its gonna look lovely(:

    hope youre having an awesome day!

    Carmila Ponycat

  8. Great favorites. I think your hair would be gorrrgeous with the blue... for sure. Do it! :) Sea Marie

  9. I always love your 5 Fave Fridays! :) The yellow dresses and dip dyed hair -- I'm speechless. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. i love those iphone cases!

  11. my vote: I think you should make it like before - why? because now it is very fashionable to diy only ends of your hair, and noone really makes like you had earlier so you will be more unique! :)

  12. lol your posts always crack me up and also inspire me! thanks!
    Xo. Mila

  13. Dye your whole underneath blue - I LOVE how it looks in that picture!

  14. I love that watch diary!! So cool. I've seen the iPhone case before, but I don't know if my needlepoint skills are really up to par, haha.

  15. i love the underneath part dyed, i have been toying with that idea, doing a lavender color. but the dip would look really cute on your too. do the dip as you have never done it before :) oh and show us of course!

  16. cute stuff! I love the pin cushion, and the second yellow flowered dress :) I love the dip dyed hair! I want my friend to do that! it would be so awesome {my hair is too short for that :P but I think your hair would be really pretty if it was either dipped, or a layer underneath was dyed. your hair is awesome either way!}

  17. I've been very tempted to tip my hair like these girls as well. I LOVE when you had your hair done with the two colors underneath. gorgeous!

  18. Oooh, do the whole underneath! SO pretty!

  19. 1. Do just the tips, and then if it's not enough then you can add more to the underneath!

    2. That watch diary just blew my mind.

  20. woah! love that photo of your old hair.. so lovely!

  21. I love your five favourites this week! Awesome picks, especially the iPhone cases and the crochet tutorial... so pretty and colourful!


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