Friday, September 16, 2011

5 fave friday

5. Scathingly Brilliant and all of her outfit posts!
I could really raid Kate's closet. Like, big time. Also, look how adorable her workspace is!
So perfect!

4. Pretty yarn
laura george
katie canavan
I am so in the mood for knitting again. I am working on a little something for a friend right now. I will show you when it is finished!

3. this hat

See You Next Hat-urday
Isn't it super pretty? I love the edges. Fall is the season that I like to wear hats. I need to dust off my collection and start wearing some again! 

2. These prints
Grain Exposure Print in Crimson and Cyan
Oh my gosh, so cute!!

1. Apple cider
I am so looking forward to drinking some apple cider. I have been thinking about it a lot this week!

I'm off to get a few things done today including possibly cutting my own bangs. Hopefully it works out well!! I hope everyone has a great Friday. We are having sushi for dinner and I am so excited! What is your favourite type of food to go out for?



  1. sushi! nom, please do tell what u have :)

  2. Oh my, her work space is to die for! I wish I had that amount of space :/

  3. Wowee! Her work space is lovely! It is certainly turning into the time for knitting and apple cider! I love fall!

    xo Shannon

  4. So pretty. That hat is to die for. I want it for christmas. XO, Rae

  5. I love trying something new whenever Jen and I go out for yummies, like for her b-day we went to Joe's Crab Shack and I got a surf n' turf burger. Cheeseburger with crispy popcorn shrimp and potato strings. <3 SO GOOD! We don't go out often, but we are hoping to find a good Indian place! ^_^

    I loooove the rainbow of yarn!!!

  6. Her blog is so dreamy! I also can't wait for apple cider!

  7. That is so crazy, I just found Kate's blog yesterday and I spent who knows how much time just browsing her outfit posts!

  8. i love the scalloped hat is saw it on k for kani and basically gasped out loud!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. We don't go out much,but I do love mexican and chinese food. :)

  10. That workspace is amazing. Bangs! Yessss. Can't wait to see.

    ♥ sécia

  11. i could get so much stuff done in that workspace. super productive! can't wait to see the bangs:) i just got mine re-cut and am loving them!

  12. Oh my gosh!! Thank you so much!!! I'm kind of star struck, you're one of my biggest blog crushes! :D

  13. My knitting habits kick in the minute fall rolls around and I start to feel a bit chilled! I was actually about to pick a movie to watch and take out this new yarn I bought when I read this! Now I'm extra motivated!


  14. Hey there Elycia!
    I'm a new reader/follower, I found your blog through the Dainty Squid! Yay! Love your posts here, you are totally darling.

    I am also in love with Kate's outfit posts, she's brilliant! And YUM, apple cider, one of the greatest things about fall.


  15. Sushi is one of my absolute fave foods in the world! I love the spider roll.

  16. Beautiful post! Also, to go along with your apple cider thoughts this week, I've been obsessing over pumpkin flavored things. I actually even ended up trying pumpkin beer (which was gross) and some pumpkin ice cream (which was amazing). I love fall!

  17. Loving apple cider right now. So yummy. And thank you for sharing Scathingly Brilliant! Such pretty fashion inspiration. <3


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