Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Wedding Part 2 :: The Music

A really fun part of the wedding preparations was choosing the music. Ivan and I put together all of the music for the wedding ourselves and we are so happy with our decision to "DJ" our own wedding. We received so many compliments on the song choices and it felt special to know that we choose everything.

The "important" songs were all chosen at the last minute. The walking down the aisle and first dance songs were hard to choose because there were so many great options and choosing one meant not choosing another. In the end, here is what we decided on!

While our family and wedding party were walking down the aisle we played "Come Go With Me" by the Beach Boys. I just think that it is such a cute song!

"God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys is one of my favourite songs ever. It is so pretty and Ivan and I thought it would be a great song for my Dad to walk me down the aisle to.

I choose this song to play while signing the marriage licence. I love Eisley and "Kind" is such a pretty song...and it mentions diamonds in the first line...that makes it work, right?

Ivan and I love this song and quote "all you need is love" at each other often. We thought it would be the perfect song to walk down the aisle as a newly married couple.

Ivan and I saw Michael Maguire for the first time last summer at a craft fair I was selling at. We were both amazed by how talented he was and couldn't stop talking about him. My mom generously hired Michael to play guitar for the guests during cocktails and everyone loved him. 

While the wedding party entered we played Queen "You're my Best Friend" because our bridesmaids and groomsmen really are some of our best friends. They are all great people and we are so happy they were part of our day. Plus, it's just a really cute song.

Ivan and I made our grand entrance to "The Final Countdown" by Europe. Ivan and I both love Arrested Development and this is the song that Gob uses for his magic act. I think it is hilarious and I really wanted that to be our entrance song.

So you can obviously tell that Ivan and I love the Beach Boys. "Forever" is such a beautiful song and I am so happy that it was our first dance. We actually had something else in mind but switched the song just a day before the wedding. We are totally the modern day Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky. (haha, Full House nerds? anyone?)

As I mentioned, we chose all the music that played during dinner and during the dance party! For dinner we played exclusively oldies and it might have been my favourite music of the evening.  For the dance party we played a few of "today's hits" mixed with a heavy dose of "yesterday's classics" and everyone loved it! My goal was to make everyone song an "oh my gosh i need to dance to this" song. I think I succeeded! Ivan and I revised the dance play list at least three times but the end result was definitely worth it.

So that was the summary of our wedding music! It is so fun for me to relive the wedding through these posts. Expect more soon!



  1. Oh my goodness, I love this list! The Beach Boys?! The Beatles?! Heck yes! I need to listen to the others. I know, I haven't yet, for shame.

    Y'all had such a darn cute wedding. <3 LOVE IT.

  2. This is such a great selection of music! I particularly love that you chose The Final Countdown because of Arrested Development.

  3. Really great music choices.. and so unique!! I pretty much listened to all of them while drinking my coffee... hehe. :) Sea Marie

  4. I actually find it quite funny... my big sister walked down the aisle to the sound of 'all you need is love' :)
    great choice of songs!!

  5. Ahh, that's hilarious about the "Final Countdown" song! I love Arrested Development, and every time I hear that song I think of Gob.

  6. aw, i love this. i am so doing this type of thing for my wedding.

  7. I love Eisley! (And The Beatles...)
    Really good choices you guys! :)
    Loving the photo's :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    xo Amy

  8. You look beautiful and your wedding looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing the details. I'm so happy for you. XO, Rae

  9. All of those songs I kept thinking oh wow that is perfect!!! Great, great choices! I totally agree on picking your own songs and being your own "DJ"

    Thanks for sharing.
    Erin - Erin's Lucky Stars
    Enjoy your Saturday!

  10. I love that song by Eisley! Super cute list of songs :)


  11. How exciting! And best soundtrack ever! Your wedding looks lovely!

  12. Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed listening to these and yes,I am such a Full House nerd,you have no idea! :P

  13. great tracks! seems like it was a fun wedding, congrats! ^_^

  14. Nawww, what awesome songs! I haven't heard of Eisley before, but will have to check them out. Michael Maguire looks so cute, it's just so lovely to have live music at your wedding. But hey, no Silverchair? Couldn't convince Ivan? ;)

  15. How cute is your list! Perfect choices, I like that they all have a similar vibe. I need to check out Eisley, I keep hearing awesome stuff about them.
    <3 Linda

  16. I love the songs you picked! And your entrance song......PERFECT. Long live Arrested Development!

  17. this post was such an inspiration! i'm getting married next summer, and we're trying to decide if we want a dj or not. did you guys just use your ipod? (if so, did you have someone controlling it?) also, i want to use vinyl 45's as centerpieces as well.. what did you use to stand them up with?! fantastic post! i love your colors and everything! especially your blue shoes!

  18. What an awesome choice of songs! Love them all!

  19. great choices! My husband and I love the Beach Boys, too!!!

  20. oh geez! i love all of these songs! amazing choices. I am so happy for y'all. i may steal the queen song for my wedding one day! haha.

  21. jess: we used iTunes on my MacBook Pro as the dj. during the ceremony we had a friend change the songs as necessary. for the dinner and dance we just set it and let it play. (although i did tweak a few songs throughout the night!)

  22. Great choices!

    Did you do the Gob dance as well??
    That would have been awesome in a wedding dress.

    beks xx

  23. Nice post :) I have really enjoyed your interesting article. Great Job !!!

  24. AHHH words cannot express how awesome I think it is that you entered your reception to The Final Countdown. I LOVE that song and LOVE Gob Bluth. Further proof that you're the coolest ever.


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