Tuesday, September 13, 2011

photo an hour :: camping

This past Saturday Kaylah and I both took a photo an hour while we were enjoying a day of fun antiquing and hanging out in the woods. I love doing photo an hour days and I really need to do it more often! Oh and do I even need to say that we had an amazing time again with Kaylah and Kevin?! We love you guys :)

I can't wait to see Kaylah's photos! Here was the day through my camera...

7:00 am :: sleepy ready to leave photo

8:00 am :: across the border enjoying the pretty morning sky

9:00 am :: yes i am ready

10:00 am :: the cutest couple. they wore these the whole weekend. ok, not really.

11:00 am :: it's a yarn caddy (or should I say kitty) and i need it!

12:00 pm :: pretty blankets

1:00 pm :: finger lakes, get it?

2:00 pm :: eep! bears! no we didn't see any. darn!

3:00 pm :: i am in LOVE with Kaylah's land camera. Also, look how cute our little cabin was!

4:00 pm :: mushroom spotting with the pros.

5:00 pm :: look at those boys jump! the scenery isn't bad either ;)

6:00 pm :: cron, er, corn. so yummy!

7:00 pm :: aww so romantic

8:00 pm :: fire time

By 9:00 we were all pretty pooped and the photo taking came to an end. We really had a great day and I can't wait to do it again soon!

And just for good measure...
Jumping photos are so fun and completely necessary!



  1. DUDE, YOU GOT ONE OF US HIGH FIVING! So stoked!! None of the ones Kevin got were of us touching, there is one that looks like I'm smacking you down though!

  2. LOVE THIS!!! I love photo an hour posts and you guys are all so cute together! ^_^ Jealous!!! :D

  3. A yarn kitty/caddy??? That would be an awesome find, I had no idea such a thing existed! I have already started some crafty/knitty projects for the fall-this would cool to have alongside me!

    Great photo's..looks like such a fun day :)

  4. So pretty! I'd love to visit this part of the USA, it looks amazing.

    Also, WOW, yarn caddy!!!


  5. Just came accross your blog from reading Kaylah's post. Lovely photography!

  6. I love this photo a hour. Seems like a great day! Now I'm going straight to Kaylah's post..!

  7. Cool! I've always wanted to try the photo an hour thing but never think of it 'til it's too late.

  8. Okay, I am totally in love with jump photos now. You guys crack me up. :] I loved looking through all of these photos! I just got done reading Kaylah's blog about your trip and I am dying to go camping now. You girls make it look like so much fun [I mean, it must be when you throw in thrift shops and possible random bear encounters, right?]
    I am dedicating my first jump pic to you two! :D

  9. Looks like you had the most wonderful weekend!
    What fun!
    Sophie x

  10. aw, i love that you two crazy colour haired gals are friends now! in real life ;) also, it's not fair that we live in the same province and haven't met you! ack!

    your jumping photos are great! good air ladies!!

    xo, carly
    (miss) teacups&bubble baths
    ...for some reason it won't let me sign in to comment latley...annoying!

  11. i like how you did this post with the hour check in. cute kitty yarn box and lovely scenery , camping rocks.

  12. HAhaha! The boys jumping pic is the best!

  13. I LOVE THESE PHOTOS! Glad y'all had a fun time! :)

  14. i love the jumping photos, its become the signature to your blog posts now, haha!

    glad you and the awesome kaylah had a great time! <3.

    i would love to go camping as i have never done it since i was 8 years old! :(



  15. How cute! That looks like so much fun. XO, Rae


  16. look at that height in those jumps!
    I wouldnt make it 1 1/2 feet off of the ground! haha

  17. BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS and I'm still impressed by how high you guys can jump!

  18. Awesome! Looks like so much fun :) I love the photo an hour things! and I have to say, you guys are pro at jumping photos by now: I love the last ones, you're all going so high! :D

  19. I loveeeeeee all of these pictures!! <3 you 4 are awesome. =]

  20. Great pictures! It looks like it was a lot of fun!

  21. cute stuff and now im going to see Kaylah's pics!

  22. Oh my goodness! a jumping+high five pic D: EPIC!

  23. Everything looks like so much fun! And this jumping photos are priceless!


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