Tuesday, September 20, 2011

what i wore :: red shoes

head to toe:
dress - thrifted
belt - thrifted
tights - mall store (?)
shoes - c/o Blowfish

It is no secret that I love Blowfish shoes. These ones might just be my favourite pair ever. I love the slightly pointed toe and the colour is perfect! I kind of want one of each colour.

I wasn't 100% sure about this dress when I got it. I liked the collar but it felt a little too high. I had planned to make it into a skirt but thought I would give it a chance as is. I actually kind of love it! I think next time I will put some sort of bow near the neck for extra cuteness!

Do you ever buy things you aren't 100% sold on and then come to really love them?



  1. I love these shoes! They look so beautiful and comfortable.

  2. yes! i seriously do that all the time and i'm always so thrilled when it works the way i want. do you feel the need to "break in" blowfish shoes? i have a few pairs and they are SO uncomfortable. i've only worn them once because they gave me a big blister. do i just need to "break them" in?


  3. the dress is fabUlous and your bangs!(ive already said it) look super!

  4. Yes I do and I keep trying it on, more and more I go like hmm its working, oh yeah I like it, oh yeah I love it, oh yeah I can't take it off lol <3 Love those BF <3 their shoes are so comfy and stylish!

  5. this dress is SO freaking cute on you!!
    and aren't bangs fun? i think they look especially cute with a top knot like you have in some of the photos.

    love, carly

  6. i am so jealous of your outfits! they are always THE BEST. i love your hair! the bangs look sooooo good on you!!! :) xo

  7. I have so many dresses that I kind of liked and now am in love with. I feel like I love things I have from last Fall way more this fall. xo, rv


  8. I love the shoes! :)

  9. I love the collar on this dress! And it looks really cute paired with those red shoes. I agree, Blowfish is amazing. I need to get a pair of those flats. They're super sweet!

  10. yea it happens all the time. tom will like something and then i am not totally crazy about it. then when i get home i style it up and then love it! i think the collar is super cute and i love it on you!
    by the way the bangs are super cute sweetie!

  11. Love the dress! That happens to me all the time! The opposite happens sometimes too though-- I think I love something and have to have it, then never wear it :) I have red flats from Blowfish that I've been wearing for about 4 years & still LOVE them!

  12. thanks everyone!

    katie: i have never had an uncomfortable pair of blowfish shoes and the only time i have ever got blisters was when i walked around new york absolutely all day. maybe the size is not quite right? bummer!

  13. Pretty, so pretty! :) I love the dress and your new haircut looks fanatstic! :)

  14. Elycia!!!!! I 100% love this look! Your new bangs are just a treat too! I'm gonna have to check out blowfish, see if they ship to Oz.
    Tone xo

  15. I love those red shoes and your dress is so adorable!


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