Friday, October 21, 2011

5 fave friday

5. Cozy looking circle scarfs from Prairie Hen
I love circle scarfs and there are some great colours.

4. These handles!!

Oh my gosh these would look so cute in our new place!!

3. Best halloween costume ever!
Isn't this the cutest thing!? Katie and Hope are normally super adorable but this pushes them into the ridiculously adorable category. I love this costume idea. I totally love Cabbage Patch Kids (who also have yarn hair) and this costume reminds me of them. I kind of want to make myself some yarn wigs just for fun. 

2. Make your own paint by number!
This is so cool!! A few weeks ago I was telling Ivan the I had an idea of how to make my own paint by number. Then last week I saw this! I am totally doing it...I just need to choose a picture.

1. Annnd, Amy's awesome Hermione costume!
So cute!!! I love Harry Potter.

Today I have been painting up a storm and missing my kitties!! Farva and Anakin are staying at my mom's until Sunday once we have moved our big stuff in and I miss those little guys! I have seen them almost everyday day since we moved because we have been back to my mom's to pick things up but it's not the same! Any kitty parents out there relate? 

I hope everyone has a great Friday!!



  1. I relate. When my old place was on the market, the cats went to stay with a friend; it was far too quiet without them!

  2. I can SO relate!!! Both with kitties and our 'ittle Jango (cockatiel.) When we were moving, they stayed with the parents. It was ONE. NIGHT. and I felt like crying. /crazy animal lady

    Also, I have been l-o-v-i-n-g circle scarfs lately! So pretty!

  3. oh, my i need to find me a circle scarf, right way. don't own one. luv harry potter. those drawer handles are so cute. (:

  4. I totally love Amy's Hermonie's costume too!! And Katie + Hope's outfits are just adorable! She is super creative!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. I hate when I go on vacation because I miss my kitties so much. Good luck with the move!

  6. I hate leaving my little King Kong alone. It makes me sad. And I honestly think he is smart enough now to know when Andy and I pack our bags, we're leaving for a couple days. :-( As you can tell, this morning was hard.

    I love circle scarves! So comfy. I have been wearing one of mine all day at work.

  7. What a great little round up!
    Lots of blogs I've never seen before xx

  8. eeeee best surprise ever to find myself up here! Thanks sugar!

  9. CUTE! I love the halloween costumes! I'm being the TARDIS from Doctor Who :) What are you being for halloween elycia?

  10. Oh man, those mushroom handles are so great!!!

  11. I looooove that cozy look! And the halloween costumes are amazing!

  12. I can definitely relate! Whenever we go on vacation, I always get super bummed about leaving the cats :( I wish it was easy to just take cats everywhere with you! They really don't like walking on leashes..or leaving the house.. :)

  13. the paint by number diy is super cute! i can't wait to try that.

  14. Love those scarves, and the mushroom handles! So adorable and cozy in their own rights :)


  15. I noticed you have a typo in your link to Skunkboy Creatures. I live part-time with my boyfriend and part-time with my parents, so it is also part-time missing the kitty cat. Your blog has become an instant favourite.


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