Friday, December 2, 2011

5 fave friday

5. These black cat audition photos
Adorable! Imagine seeing a sight like that while you are out for a stroll?! I think I would scream with excitement.

4. This is a great idea!
You can plug the handset into your cell phone! That would be much more comfortable than talking for a long time on your iPhone. Super cute!

3. 365 Lucky Days

I am so impressed with this project and the other day I was lucky (get it) enough to meet the lady behind it. Ms. Lucky Jackson is one of the sweetest people ever (all the Peterborough ladies I met were awesome!) and it seriously left me so inspired after meeting someone who was doing something so impressive. I kind of wanted to ask her a million questions about it but I restrained myself.

2. This cell phone stand is adorable!
Oh my gosh! Cutest ever! I love stretching kitties and I wouldn't mind one to hold my phone.

1. Pretty lace dresses.
So pretty. I think lace dresses are just the prettiest things.

I made myself a to-do list for the day (I always get more done when I do that) so I am off to tackle it. Have a great Friday!


ps. Next week I have something fun coming up! I am going to do a week of video blogs to celebrate the anniversary of my first video blog...well the first one I spoke in! You should join in the fun! I double dare you to make a vlog next week. If you do, make sure you leave me the link. I love watching vlogs :)


  1. What fun! I made my first ever video blog & scheduled it for next week this morning! I'll be sure to send over a link when it's published. ;)

  2. Bahaha! I would love to see those ladies walking down the street with their cats! That could NEVER happen with my crazy kitties. Yay, I love your video blogs!

  3. I love the pic of the kitty's it'd just so unexpected.

  4. Hahaha! Those cat photos are fantastic!

  5. OH! I love that cell phone holder. Normally I can pass on most of 'em, but that one is precious. :D Also, I wish I could have been there for that black kitty audition. I loooove black kitties and well, all kitties!

  6. Oh my goodness the cat phone holder is TOO ADORABLE.
    I can't get over those embroidered portraits either. I've seen them featured on several blogs recently and they're just awe inspiring. What a talented artist!
    - Mandi @

  7. I love those dresses. Can't wait for the vlogs!! :)

  8. the black cat photos crack me up! my old roommate tried to leash her cat but was not gonna happen!

  9. the audition photos are hilarious! and I WANT that phone handset, so so clever!

  10. i love the black cat pictures!

  11. Too funny! I posted those cat audition photos on my blog too, they're just hilarious. Who would EVER do that?!

    And I love love love that cell phone holder. :)

  12. Ohhhhh, I love all of these things! Those cat photos are crazy amazing. I'd love to turn the corner and find a street full of black kitties on leases.

  13. you are the just the sweetest! stayed tuned to my blog today.....


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