Friday, December 16, 2011

5 fave friday

5. Laura's pretty blog.
I have been dying over her outfit posts lately. What a beauty. That is just the most beautiful spot for outfit photos. The light is so pretty and perfect! I love it! Ok, I'm freaking out a bit...I need to calm down.
EDIT: My friend Carly is doing a giveaway on her blog where you can win a pair of earrings made by Laura! Pop by and enter!

4. This dress
Red-y for Tea Dress

The pattern, the cut, the adorable little buttons...everything is perfect!

3. This adorable photo of Amy Phoeler.
I saw this photo on Lexy's blog and I just love it. I think Amy Phoeler is awesome and I love how fun the photos look. 

2. These glasses from BonLook
There are lots of pretty pairs but I love these grey ones. I want an awesome collection of glasses. Right now I love that I have two pairs that I can alternate between depending on my mood and outfit.

1. This!
So I found this on Pinterest but it is originally form an etsy shop as options for mug colours. I just think it looks so pretty! I love all those colours. The bottom row is kind of the colour scheme in our living room.

Have you found anything pretty this week? I am in the mood to look at some eye candy so leave me a link! I hope you all have a fun Friday planned. We are going out tonight to a pub at our old University one last time before it is torn down and relocated.



  1. Those mug colors are awesome, and the dress almost stopped my heart. Good picks.

    - Heidi

  2. I love Amy P too, such a cute photo.
    Speaking of cute, have you seen ?
    I always find things to pin when I'm on there.

  3. the glasses are beautiful, I'd love to have them! thanks for sharing :)

  4. such pretty things. lauras blog is freaking amazing. i love her outfits, her style, her home, just well...ya, everything. i understand why you're freaking out, is what i'm trying to say ;)

  5. You always find such pretty things to share! I just got on pinterest this week and it is soooo amazing!

  6. hehe the photo of Amy. And all of those glaze colors are lovely. :)

  7. thought you might like these! i'm so sad they're not in my size but i hope someone gives them a great home!

  8. That picture of Amy is so cute!

    I'm coveting the Ellie's Elephant Dress from Deja Vu today!

    - Lindsay

  9. I love Laura's blog, so adorable.

    xo Emma

  10. These are all really lovely picks! I love the glaze colors too, so pretty and pretty much a work of art in their own right!

  11. Smarties needs to release a box in those ceramic colours! And they need to be that glossy...none of that murky cloudy business. And: that's an amazingly cut dress as well!

  12. Those options for colours looks a bit like candy to me.. But that might be my stomach who's talking!

  13. sweet girl, thank you! *totally blushing*


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