Friday, December 30, 2011

5 fave friday

5. I love the style of this dress!

4. Kaylah's new(ish) vintage shop Circus Bear Vintage.
I love these pretty mugs! If you haven't already popped by the shop I highly recommend that you do. There are a bunch of super cute items :)

3. I have wanted one of these forever! I have no idea why I still don't own one.
Should have put one on my Christmas list.

2. Love this 'make your own' salt scrub that Lexy shared!

1. Having Ivan home all week! That is seriously my favourite thing about this week. We have been having so much fun hanging out, buying a new bed (!!), getting some house projects done and generally just enjoying each other's company. I feel so lucky to have someone who I love spending time with!

I will be back a bit later with the first half of my year in review! It was a pretty intense year :)



  1. i bought one of those lens mugs for mikeys brother last year. i got it on photojojo for pretty cheap! they're super cute.

  2. That dress is so simple yet stunning. I love the colours.

  3. Kaylah has some great (and affordable!) things in her shop. That camera lens is nice,too. It's always great to spend quality time with the hubby. ;)

  4. Those lens mugs are the most awesome things! And thanks for posting up Lexy's tutorial! I've been meaning to make my mom some salt scrub.

  5. that seas salt scrub! Thanks for sharing it!

  6. Those cups are to die for. So sweet. They'd be perfect to drink tea out of. xo, rv

  7. NEW BEDS ARE THE BEST. I'm pretty sure that's half the reason I started dating Ryan, he had just bought a brand new California King size bed when I met him, hahaha. Shhh that's our secret.

  8. I actually just got that exact same camera cup! THE BEST THING EVER, I assure you! :)

  9. When I first saw "Nican Lens" I was REALLY confused :P I was thinking maybe it was some new off brand lens! HAHA! That is too cool though. Love it :)


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