Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in Review

This was a very exciting year for me and my blog. I thought I would do a little recap about each month and the things that made it extra special. Here is the first half of the year!

- Set some goals for the year. Some got completed...some, not so much. 
- Filmed a video on how to roll sushi!
- Gave my blog a makeover. Holy smokes, I didn't realize it was so long ago that I did that! I really need to get serious about the redesign that has been in the works forever.
- Made some cute heart elbow patches for my sweater.
- Found my wedding dress!
- Met Astrid and her mom for the first time. I totally thought this happened December of last year, I guess not!
- Played with colour swatches.
- Played a few shows with the band Ivan and I were playing in.
- 'Temporarily' closed my etsy shop. It is still closed, haha!
- Had a little meet and greet for our wedding party.

- Picked up my wedding dress!
- Changed our wedding colours.
- Told people how to say my name and told a silly story.
- Shared 30 things you may or may not want to know about me.
- Found an amazing chair!
- Started painting again.

- Discovered a great quote.
- Went to a cat show!
- Recited a whole bunch of digits of Pi.
- Showed you how I make green smoothies.
- Told the story of how we got Farva.
- Shared some tips on how to take fashion risks.
- Did my first (and only so far) what's in my bag post.

- Shared some of my funny 'major fail' moments.
- Designed and printed our wedding invites!
- Posted a video of a 'Big Hair' how-to.
- Turned some tights with a run into socks.
- Gave Ivan a handsome haircut.

- Had a craft party to make pretty things for the wedding.
- Got a Diana F+ and have been trying to take pretty photos with it ever since.
- Got myself an Instax Mini. One of my favourite purchases!
- Went up to Art Crawl. I really need to go to more of these.
- Had two lovely bridal showers.
- Started a fun little series of posts called '28 Things' where for 28 days leading up to my 28th birthday I shared one fact about myself. It was so fun!
- Ivan and I were drawn by my lovely friend Tera.
- Met Kaylah and Kevin for the first time! A great start to a great friendship :)
- Discovered an antique market full of cameras and scored myself a pretty little mint one.

- Did an about me A-Z post.
- Finally thrifted some pretty floral brooches. My collection has been growing ever since.
- Felt very loved by my seriously thoughtful friends when they threw me the perfect bachelorette.
- Had a whole bunch of awesome guest posts before and just after our wedding.
- Got married! (Most exciting thing to happen all year for sure!)
- After keeping my hair white for our wedding, I finally dyed it light pink!

I will be posting the second half later today. I hope you guys are having a good day so far!



  1. I LOVE how you displayed each photo. SO CUTE. xo, rv

  2. Such a sweet year in review post! I love looking back on everyone's accomplishments. I am so glad we met this year and I look forward to seeing your blog grow even more in 2012! You are amazing! :)

  3. It's really fun :D Can't wait to read the other part :)
    And I wish you a happy new year from Belgium ;)

  4. Wow what a year, was lovely to read.
    By the way I so dig your hair light pink, love it. May 2012 be awesome for you.

  5. you put a lot of work into this recap, nicely done!


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