Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Year in Review :: Part 2

- Honeymooned in NYC (123)
- Visited Scranton, PA (I love the Office)
- Shared the story of my rings.
- Finally got tattooed!
Visited Kaylah and Kevin in Ohio!

- Added some cute ruffles to one of my skirts.
Visited the house my Dad grew up in.
Scored some good Pyrex and finally got some nesting dolls.
Celebrated Ivan's birthday with a super yummy and cute cake.
- Shared some details on the accessories from our wedding.

Went camping with Kaylah and Kevin.
Went to TIFF to see a movie that Ivan helped record a song for.
- Shared the special music from our wedding.
- Gave myself bangs.
- Got some totally fantastic new glasses.
- Started making a little doppelganger.

I was drawn by the ever so lovely and talented Kat Cameron.
- Figured out an easy way to give myself chevron nails.
I was drawn by Klo-ver! I think she made me look so cute!
Started decorating our living room!
- Showed everyone how to make my favourite Halloween party snack.
Decorated our new home (and our kitties) for Halloween.

- Received the most adorable little kitty charms of my favourite little guys from Dapper Toad.
- Visited Kaylah and Kevin and had an absolute blast!
Let our kitties explore around the outside of our new home.
- Figured out how to stack and display my pretty pyrex.

- Got to meet some lovely blog friends in Peterborough. What a fun day!
- I was stitched by Jen for her project 365 Lucky Days.
- I did a week of vlogs which was so fun!
- We spent out first Christmas in our new home and decorated a pretty tree.
- Had a fun weekend cabin getaway with Kaylah and Kevin.
- Made a Pom-Pom card holder.
- Gave myself a haircut!
- Shared a recipe for vegan candy cane ice cream.
- Shared some Christmas peeks around our home.

Like I said, 2011 was a great year. My favourite part of blogging this year was finally making some really great blog friendships. It really does make blogging more fun!

What was your favourite part about 2011? (blogging or otherwise)



  1. omg i love how colorful was your year :) i can't decide what hair color i loved the most on you, beautiful pictures!

  2. Congrats on a wonderful year! I think I've been following your blog since around February, and I've enjoyed all your posts so much! Hope your 2012 is filled with happiness and success too!
    - Mandi @

  3. My favorite part of 2011 was being introduced to a great many people!! and doing marching band... that was pretty great

    check out my blog!

  4. i love how we can see your ever changing hair colors through the year. adorable! happy new year!

    xx kelly christine

  5. This is a fabulous round-up Elycia! We have enjoyed spending the year with you! Looking forward to a fabulous 2012!
    Tone, Dave and Frankie xo

  6. Great round-up, looks like you had a wonderful (and colourful!) year :)

    Hope 2012 is even better!

    Celeste @

  7. Oh wow, you've had a wonderful year! Hope 2012 is just as amazing! :)

    I wrote a short post on my highlights but most of them were my blog getting some nice press mentions and beating a health issue.... phew, never thought that would go away!

    Happy new year!

    x Renee

  8. I just wanted to stop by and say I love your blog. I look forward to reading more and I hope 2012 is amazing for you. :)

  9. Oh my gosh, you visited Scranton? I was born there, and lived there for years, and it was nice to click through and see the pics you took of it when you went, since I wasn't a reader then :-)

    What a great year in review post though, can't wait to see what 2012 brings!

  10. Hi ! My name is Eloïse, I'm french, i'm only 14 years old.
    I find that your blog is wonderful, colored, and great cut !
    Thank you very much, Bye !

    Eloïse (mail :

  11. Loving the evolving colours of your hair through the months! Fab.



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