Thursday, April 7, 2011

something funny > major fail

So, in general I wouldn't say that I am a dumb person. Kind of oblivious/unobservant? Yes. I could tell you some stories about things that I should have noticed but didn't. But I will save that for another day. Today I wanted to share a couple funny stories with you to possibly give you a laugh/make you feel better about yourself.

The event that prompted me to put together this post will go first:

A while ago I was wondering what .com stood for. I had this brainwave that it stood for 'computer'. You know...that could make sense *blush*. Then I looked it up and it definitely doesn't stand for computer. (in case you're interested it stands for 'commercial').

I think my brainwaves are being affected by me standing too close to the microwave or something. Here are some other examples...

1. The phrase 'make ends meet'.
I got the definition of this right but...I thought it was "make ends meat" and "ends meat" represented enough money/enough to get by. Even though I know now that it is actually "meet", whenever I hear this phrase I can't stop myself from thinking "meat".

2. Addresses
When I was a kid I thought that my street was called 9 Bing Crescent and it just so happened that I also lived at number 9. Oops. I thought it was amazing that my Grama's street name was also the same as her house number. Duh.

3. Disney with a G
When I was little I totally thought the D in Disney was a G. I pronounced it properly though; I guess I thought it was a silent G? It kind of looks like a G doesn't it? Well...a backwards G. Come on! Give me a break! I was just a kid!
4. The phrase 'nip it in the bud'
Again, I had the meaning right but I thought it was "nip it in the butt". I still think "butt" whenever I hear this phrase. (and I imagine a person being nipped in the butt by a puppy)

5. The song "We are the Champions"
You know the part that goes "no time for losers"? Well, I thought it was "loota faloota". Don't ask me what I thought "loota faloota" meant. I still think it sounds like that.

I'm sure there are more but those are the only ones I can remember at the moment. Oh geeze, I love mistakes, they are so funny. Do you have anything like this to share with me? I'm going to have to think of a list of things that makes me look really smart to compensate for all of this stuff.

love, elycia


  1. ahahah i thought that only I make sooo funny mistakes!! i cant remember any of them right now.. but they are really stupid and funny;p and i make them all the time :( ;p

    the most beautiful thing in mistakes is that we laugh of them! i now people who are so serious about themselfs.. dont laugh a bit..

    whilst i cant stop making fun of my funny stories.. like you!

    haha love you elycia;D

  2. Re- nip it in the bud
    Wait, that's what it really is?! I definitely always say "nip it in the butt" and it totally makes sense! What the heck!

  3. marysza, haha, i love laughing at myself. i'm pretty silly sometimes, haha.

    kaylah, yes! so happy i wasn't the only one who thought was just recently i realized it was "bud". The phrase is refering to dealing with a problem right away before it grows into something larger. (nipping a flower in the bud before it grows). i totally think "nip it in the butt" makes sense though too, haha.

  4. I totally thought it was a backwards G too! Until someone pointed out that it was a D. I still think it looks like a's a weird font.

  5. I also grew up thinking the D in the disney logo was a G.
    I even drew it whenever I wrote the word disney.

  6. katie & out on a limb:
    i finally realized it wasn't a G when i was drawing it! i drew a G and my mom or dad told me i spelled it wrong.

  7. I love these - you are all so cute! I have a few from my friend: she is so funny we were singing the song "eye of the tiger" and she thought it was "ivor the tiger" like his name!!! and another one from her was the phrase "read it and weep" she thought it was "read it in a week??!!" lol I will be thinking about this all day now lol

  8. raspberry, hahahah, that's so awesome! i love those! that reminds me, in highschool i had a friend who thought "Hulk Hogan" was "Hul Kogan".

  9. There's a line in one of Take That's songs that i thought said "all i do is shine and pray" i only discovered that it's actually "all i do each night is pray" when i was about 23! i still think it sounds like shine though, they just have it wrong ;)

  10. Oh ha ha this was awesome! (: wait, commercial really? That's weird. I would think it has Something to do with the states... Like .fi=Finland .it=Italy .se=sweden
    So. Yeah. Hah :D

  11. annie, misunderstood song lyrics are awesome! sometimes when i find out the real words i think mine are still right, haha.

  12. uuna, yep! commercial. weird, huh?

  13. elycia, you are hilarious, for real. i wouldn't even be able to come up with these kinda post. it makes me chuckle reading the whole of it. :D

  14. Elycia I totally mistook the D for a G in the disney thing too! Your post inspired me to confess some funny anecdotes - take a look
    they will make you smile for sure!

  15. You're so CUTE!! I'm sure I have some silly things like that too.... blonde moments some might say?! Loved reading this :) xo

  16. PS... STILL laughing at Loota Faloota.. half an hour later.

    Also I thought the D was a G too when I was little.

  17. Ha! I always think of it as "make ends meat" too! Even though I know it's "meet," that will never be right to me.

    I have a friend who thought "pinky swear" was "pinky square" her whole life. I love that.

  18. such a cute post! I used to think it was a G too...

    I used to think that nursery song Frère Jacques
    was about birds in a bird bath even though there was an english version right after

  19. number 1 and number 3- I also did these things. come on, Disney, how the hell does that look like a D?

    I have these moments. A Lot.

  20. I also thought the D was G. I think that's pretty common.

    In the song 'Dance Dance' by Fall Out Boy the lead singer says 'watching you two from the closet' and I thought he was saying 'watching youtube from the closet'. In another song he says 'Oh So Intricate' and I thought he was saying 'also into cats'


  21. i always thought it was nip it in the butt too! it makes much more sense

  22. Haha loota faloota, hillarious post. Wonderful Blog (-:

  23. i love that picture its so cute.. youre glowing!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  24. I almost did all these things haha! Especially thinking it was a G. I still see it as a G even though I know better. So glad I'm not alone! Haha!

  25. Same here with the Disney thing!! I always thought it was a G & I was sooo confused! Haha too funny. Oh & I love your plaid shirt in that last photo!

  26. I totally agree with the Disney "G"! I've always thought it looked like a "G" even though I knew it was "Disney". It's just one those things that your logical brain figures out, but your visual brain just doesn't bother to correct the nonsense. lol
    I've misunderstood some phrases like that too...
    When I was very little, I pronounced "church" as "turch". Even though I knew how it was spelt, I thought I was just very clever for knowing that the "ch" was pronounced "t". LOL That makes no sense! But, I was 5.
    I was also very confused by the phrase "suffice it to say" which people always muddle together when saying and I never saw written down so I thought it might be "sufficient to say". Which, almost makes sense, right? lol
    Oh- and my friend thought that "Pulitzer Prize" was "Pulitz Surprise". Ha ha ha.
    Thanks for sharing! I think everybody misunderstands/mishears common phrases like those that don't even really make sense, and we hear, but don't read, so who ever really knows!

  27. I think everyone thought that the D in Disney was a G! I still see a G when I look at it :)

  28. When I was growing up my dad used to always say the phrase "calm your hormones" which pretty much was meant as a "settle down. stop goofing around" sort of thing.

    When I was a really little kid though I used to think the phrase was "calm your horns" meaning if you were goofing off too much your devil horns would show, and so you'd have to cool off from whatever you were doing to get them to go back into hiding again...

    Still til this day I say calm your horns.

    Oh, and I totally thing the D in disney looks like a G! :D

  29. Oh my gosh. Finally someone else who doesn't quite know their "sayings" I am always getting poked fun at for messing them up.

    loota faloota.....really? That's hilarious! I love it. There is this one song that I absolutely love, and I've listened to it for years and years. It's Cher's "Love One Another". Well, I thought the words were "A feast is just a ham, it can come apart". Makes sense, right? Ha. If you listen to it, the words are actually "A fist is just a hand, it can come apart". Ok ok. THAT makes sense.

  30. he he - these are awesome! :) And it totally looks like a G, to me. When I was a kid, I used to write backwards for a bit, so that makes sense to me! lol.

  31. i am surprised so many of you had the same Disney issue. everyone in my 'real life' who i have told about thought i was crazy, haha.

    you guys are too funny, thanks for sharing your stories!! they are all so funny!

  32. ha! ya know the song how bizarre? i still think he says help is on. and i knew someone who thought the go-go's sang alex the seal, not our lips are sealed.=)

  33. Until just last year I thought people were saying "key la century," like it was some fancy french term or something for the remote that unlocks your car. Nope, keyless entry. Didn't realize until I saw it on paper. :)


  34. Ok, I absolutely love you to bits Elycia, but... I have never ever been able to see the whole 'G' thing with Disney! A tonne of my friends spoke about it about a year ago, I just looked at them like 'Are you kidding me?'. I think I missed something as a kid, it doesn't even look like a G to me now though!

    But seriously, I have to do a post about this stuff. I make 3 - 4 comments like this a day, And I don't think i'm a dumb or anything, things like this just pop out all the time!

  35. Soo cracked up with the loota faloota!

    Here's one of mine...
    So I live in Iowa and the Iowa Hawkeyes logo is this-

    When I was little I always saw it as a man's face with long hair, big nose and winking. When I FINALLY realized it was a hawk I was so amazed! Why my brain formed it into a man instead of clearly a hawk for the HAWKeyes... *shakes head at myself* =)

  36. Don't feel bad I didn't realize the D wasn't a G until I was in high school. Also as a litte kid I got words very wrong in a lot of songs. I thought the part in Smells like Teen Spirit where he says "Entertain Us" said "And Potataes". Hope it makes you feel better!

  37. I was totally confused by the Disney "G" as a kid too!!

  38. When I was a little kid I thought that Los Angeles was a different place than L.A.. I actually thought L.A. was spelled Ellay. & I thought that Disneyland was in Ellay.
    So when my mom excitedly said "We are going to Los Angeles next month... do you know what that means?" I was thoroughly underwhelmed, didn't know what it meant, nor did I care.

  39. haha this made me laugh really hard because I tend to have a lot of these moments. I swear that Disney "D" was a "G" until like 4 years ago. Not your fault. Totally common. There is probably even a fb group about it.

    I also thought it was "nip it in the butt" until I saw it in writing and then I was like...oh. NVM.

    And I don't know the lyrics to pretty much any song so I make them up. Then my husband makes fun of me for being deaf. And dumb.

    I have a friend who thought it was called a "handburger" not a HAMburger because you hold it in your hand. She says she just learned the actual way a few months ago but I don't want to believe her because she is 22. And that is weird.

  40. Oh my! I do this sort of thing all the time! I use to think alzheimer's disease was old timer's disease! Until I was in my 20's!!! I also thought that pipe cleaners were used as plumbing pipe cleaners! It was only till my first year of college when I saw a picture of a smoking pipe on a box of pipe cleaners that I actually realized what they were really for. The sad thing was I assumed no one else knew what they were for either, I felt like I had cracked the case! Everyone just looked at me like I was stupid, haha!

  41. Oh just read the youtube comment! My grandma was totally calling it your tube this weekend! HAHA!

    That just reminded me of another one!

    I was picking on my sister one day and my mom told me not to disk her... she totally meant diss!


  42. wha?! I thought I was the only one that thought that D in Disney was a G! I remember staring at the letter frustratingly, wondering if the G was silent, or if in that case it was supposed to be pronounced as a D. That's awesome. So glad we have that in common :)

  43. So funny! I thought the 'Y' at the end of Disney was a 'P'.

  44. hahaha! im glad to know that i wasn't the only one who thought the D in Disney was a G! :D

  45. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I maybe just learned right this second that it's, "Nip it in the bud."

  46. Elycia, no need for a smart list to compensate the something funny list. Smart people know their mistakes and can further display them for laughs, such as what you have done in this post. Those who are not smart do not know their mistakes and further take on the ignorance of their actions. :]

  47. Oh dear I'm about to embarrass myself now. Please don't think I'm a creep but I've just been rummaging through your archives as I often like to do with blogs that I find that have been around much longer than my knowledge of them....if that sentence makes any sense.

    You have no idea how many times I have wanted to post a comment on your old posts saying that I think and act and see the world very similar to the way you do but have held back out of embarrassment not wanting you to think I was a creeper. But I just had to speak out now with regards to the Disney G as I thought that probably until I was mostly an adult. I knew that it had to be a D but thought he just had a weird way of writing his name. I had never revealed that to anyone it was always just a musing in my head all my life until I finally figured it out and haven't really thought about telling anyone since. It's such a hilarious relief to know that others thought the same!!!

    Anyways there's my embarrassing confession of creeping. If it doesn't cause you to think I'm weird than surely the length of this comment will as I feel the need to explain myself hahaha. Annnyways hope you're enjoying your Tuesday!



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