Friday, January 6, 2012

5 fave friday

5. This Oreo cupcake idea!
I saw this on Violet's blog and oh my gosh I need to make these as soon as we have an oven that works! Oreos are my favourite! I would totally use traditional Oreos though (chocolate cookie), they are my extra favourite.

4. This purse is hilariously awesome.
She's Got Purse-onality Bag

3. These ADORABLE stirrup socks that Meredith made!
Seriously Meredith?! You are too good! I am putting these on my "to-make" list...right after I finish my current project! I am the master of starting 5 things at once and finishing none so I am working on my follow through and doing one thing at a time.

2. This cowl!!
I am a little obsessed with crocheted/knit chevron patterns at the moment. If you follow me on twitter or instagram (@loveelycia) you have probably seen peeks of the afghan I am working on. I already can't wait to make another one...and I'm not even half finished.

1. Oh. my. goodness.
Seriously?! Like, for realsies? I love it.

I am now writing to you from my freshly painted, newly rearranged office. I haven't hung things on the walls yet but I love working in here so much. There is much better lighting in this room than in the living room where I was working from before and sitting in a chair sure beats kneeling beside the coffee table for hours! I can't wait to finish decorating in here!



  1. Those cupcakes look like fun!

    - big giveaway happening on my blog right now :o)

    p.s happy 2012 to you dear Elycia x

  2. You forgot this as a favourite!

    Need to have that kitty wallpaper.

  3. That cat wallpaper is so awesome!! My friend does that oreo layering thing with brownies -also amazing.

  4. oh that kitty wallpaper is just perfect!! I love all the prints that are in fashion at the moment! Just imagine what our grand kids will think! haha

  5. Haha cat wallpaper! I saw that on pinterest and totally freaked. It's the cutest. :]

  6. That wallpaper is amazing!! and someone please tell me why Meredith is so awesome?? - I love everything she makes!! Thanks for sharing, these are all adorable.

    xx Ashleigh

  7. I must get that wallpaper!!!

    And those cupcakes look FAN-freaking-tastic.

    Here are five of my Friday favorites:

  8. How badly do I want that wallpaper?! Yeah, THAT MUCH! AND MORE!

  9. Love all the faves, esp. the first one! How cute!

    Can't to see photos of your office! :)

  10. For our current edition of House and Home magazine, I included that very cat wallpaper. Great minds! - page 8

    It's 'Omega Cats' wallpaper by Sanderson, for those who are curious :)

  11. I agree with Sarah Rooftops. SO want to see the living room!

  12. Ahhh thanks for the shout out Elycia! :) This made me smile.

  13. I can't wait to see your office! Share soon?

  14. I love me some Oreos!!! NOM! Also, that kitty wallpaper is FANTASTIC!

  15. best top 5! the sophisticated cat wall, that purse, those cupcakes!! love. it.

  16. Elycia!!! You are so sweet for sharing my socks! I love all of your finds. :)

  17. I love that cat wall and those socks look so cozy! :D


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