Friday, January 20, 2012

5 fave friday

5. These way too cute Valentines that Kate shared!
You can download them here to use on your blog or to send to people!

4. This idea is very interesting!
Go visit their blog to get a full explanation of what's going on here. (Hint: it helps you realize what clothes you are & are not wearing)

3. The illustration on this shirt is so cute!
Kitten Comfort Tee

2. I love, love, love this print.

1. This print is pretty great too.

Today I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new bed (take two) and working on some fun things. This morning I woke up with the greatest mullet in history and Ivan couldn't stop laughing at it. I finally looked in the mirror and it was spiky! I have been using argan oil in my hair some nights and it really makes my hair crazy in the morning. Yikes.



  1. I love that Kate scanned those in and is offering them as a freebie! She's such a doll!!!

    Also, that kitten love tee is like... One of the best t-shirts EVER. I really really really WANT IT!!!

    Great Fave Friday, miss!

  2. Love the vintage valentines! I really love the idea of turning the hangers backwards too. Tempted to try it!

  3. That closet idea is amazing! I really need to do that! Thanks for posting it.

  4. i LOVE IT ALL! I'm planning on getting a tattoo like those kitties in those vintage valentine's, so thanks for the references <3

  5. I Love that hanger idea! So come I never thught about that........

    I used to use argan oil too.....I recently switched to avocado works much better for me...for some reason it feels more potent and I don't need so much of the stuff....usually a little tiney bit in fresh washed wet hair is just perfect....keeps it moist but not so darn greasy looking....I'm kind of a hair fanatic.....can ya tell....?


    PS. Avo oil is cheaper too ;)

  6. I need to try that with my clothes because I have so many things I just dont wear and other could be!

  7. Those valentines are just too cute. Love.

  8. Oh man those vintage valentines are just PERFECT and so cute! Love them!

    Thanks for sharing, lots of adorable stuff :)


  9. I've been trying that hanger tip for about 3 years now. And by trying, I mean I always manage to talk myself into saving the items I haven't used. I just need someone to overhaul my closet :\

  10. Love Trisha Brink! That girl is one killer photographer!

  11. such cute vintage valentines!! omg!!

    I really love these ones being offered on etsy, too! soooo adorable!

  12. whoops! !

  13. I read about that hanger idea on Pinterest a while back. It's super clever!

  14. I absolutely love #4! I will have to start that today. I am just awful with parting with things but hopefully this will show me what I really do and don't use!

  15. Diggin' that hanger idea!

    ♥ sécia

  16. Cute valentines!

  17. I always love things that help me organize my closet


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