Friday, May 11, 2012

5 fave friday

5. This pretty top.
Presh as a Daisy Top from ModCloth
I know I said I am limiting/eliminating my buying but that doesn't mean I can't look! The collar on this top is so pretty.

4. This cute tea print!
I bought these 2 pretty nature paint by numbers that I thought would look great in the kitchen. They did not. I think we need something more this style but I might try to make something myself!

3. Lauren's pretty nails
In case you didn't know, I like fancy nails.

2. Stef & Erin's favourite purchases from their trip.
I kind of die when I see all the photos from these lovely ladies' recend trip. You need to go check out Erin's favourites as goooood!

1. Lilac bushes.
I am pretty obsessed with lilacs at the moment. I really wanted to put one in the front of our house but we ended up getting some other tree instead. I think we still need some lilac action out there. Ivan and I might go to the Royal Botanical Gardens this weekend so that I can get my lilac fix.

I have a lot of things that I would like to do today. I had a not so productive day yesterday but today is feeling better already! It is super sunny so that helps a lot.

Have a great Friday!


EDIT: Oh my goodness, I can't believe I forgot to post this on Tuesday!! The winner of the Buttonlandia giveaway is Elisha!
I am a space cadet this week.


  1. Nice finds. I love lilacs too! I hope you get to do everything you are hoping to today! ♥

  2. That tea print is fab. I love lilacs too but they set off the husband's allergies sadly so I have to admire them from afar!

  3. I love the "Tea O'Clock" print. Too cute!

  4. Yum lilacs. What a delicious smell they have. I could use some of those, as well.

    Thanks for the comment and today's cat-less post, by the way!! Hahah.


  5. When we bought our house I told my husband we HAD to plant lilacs, but in the spring it turned out we already had THREE bushes in our yard! (And a mulberry tree which is pretty dang awesome)

  6. Oooh! Lilac! :o) I love the look and smell of it, and it always starts blooming just around my birthday, so it's a pretty special bush to me!

  7. lilacs are one of my very favorites - we have a total of 15 dwarf lilacs lining the front my house and a few in the back yard and then one miniature deep purple variegated lilac as well. My neighbors also have really really large lilacs that line our property so sometimes i pretend those are mine too!

  8. i just die for everything from oh so lovely vintage. those girls have the best taste.

  9. I looove lilacs! Take pictures at the Gardens! (who am I kidding, I'm sure you WILL!)

  10. I have to crazy limit my buying, but I still look too! haha. Sometimes though "just looking" leads me to buying...


  11. I love the tea print and the lilacs. Beautiful!


  12. Oh, my! I love #5 and #2!

    Hope you have a great weekend! ;D


  13. I cant wait to see your garden when its done! I really miss having a garden...
    I Love the collar on the top <3 and the print is pretty awesome too.

    I hopee you Have a super productive and fun day!(;

    Carmila Ponycat

  14. lilacs are one of my favorites. i have dreams of having a yard full of lilacs when i finally have my own house. oh yes.

  15. First I must say your name is so similar to mine and I've never seen anyones even close to mine so YAY! second I'm obsessed with fancy nails and I'm definitely gonna try n replicate those :) I just adore them!! anywho's your wonderful and you should know :)

  16. Lilacs are my favourite flower (post lined up tomorrow)!!! A great tree to consider is the Ivory Silk Lilac... it blooms a creamy white & it blooms later than the others, in June. So if you get a traditional lilac & one of these you can enjoy the sweet aroma longer. ;-)


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