Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Friendiversary Kaylah!

As if I needed more proof that Kaylah and I are sometimes freakishly on the same page...I had been planning this super sappy "friendiversary" post for a while and then Kaylah goes and beats me to the punch with one of the sweetest things someone has ever done for me with her "crazy love letter-esque creepfest". That is a direct quote by the way. I prefer "nicest blog post ever" but that's not as funny to read. So, on with my own creepfest.

One year ago today I met one of the coolest ladies ever. Kaylah and I already told you the story of that day in our vlog so I won't bore you with the totally non-boring details of waterslides and giant buckets of water. I will show you this photo though.
Pretty much sums up our day.

It can be really scary meeting someone for the first time and I was very nervous to meet Kaylah. Kaylah's blog was one of my absolute favourites and it kind of blew my mind when we started to become internet friends. A funny little secret...When Kaylah first commented on my blog I told Ivan that "my future best friend commented on my blog today". Called it! (I really hope that doesn't make me sound like a nut!)
The Kaylah that I knew through blog world was definitely awesome but the one I met in person was even better. Kaylah is so full of energy and great ideas, has the best laugh, is extremely thoughtful and best of all just plain fun! It is completely amazing to meet someone with so many shared interests who gets excited about the same strange things that you do and is totally up for having booty shaking practice together in the living room. 
I am lucky enough to have a few really great friends that I've stayed in touch with for a long time but I have a very hard time making new friends. I find it difficult to open up and completely be myself with new people. It has been exciting to meet Kaylah and watch our friendship grow from the awkward first moments of 'what should I say?' to the point we are at now where I feel like a can say anything that pops into my head no matter how silly, inappropriate or dorky it might be. And let me tell you, those are the things that pop into my head the most. It is a pretty big deal for me when I feel 100% comfortable around someone and I definitely do around Kaylah. So Kaylah, thank you for letting me be myself...lame jokes included! You is my friend!

Kaylah, you are one of a kind and I am so happy to have met you! I am extremely lucky to have you as a (best) friend. Happy Friendiversary and let's get on finding some tacky best friend jewelry this weekend!


PS. Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes over the weekend! You guys made me feel pretty special!


  1. awwwwwwwww so sweet :)

    u guys make the best bf!

  2. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, ELYCIA!!I really don't appreciate you messing up my make up right after I got done doing it. I can't believe you were planning this post, that's pretty weird we both wrote each other creepfest love letters a few days apart. It's those brain waves I was talking about the other day!

    I don't even know what else to say, except that your the best and I'm really stoked we're both on the same page in this friendship!!

    I cannot wait to see you this weekend, I'm probably going to hug you and never let go!!

    PS. I love getting dumped on with you. I'm so sad the bucket wasn't working last time. I guess that just means we'll have to find another water park to hit up this summer and cross out fingers it has an even bucket to dump on us with! Hahah. :P

  3. It is very very charming that you are friends! First, I followed the 2 blogs separately, then I was very surprised when I realized that you're real friends! So nice! ;)

  4. this is so sweet! you two are so adorable!

  5. I love your interweb love letters! Your love for each other reminds me of a card I once received when I was a child. On the front of the card was a cute elephant. Inside the card read, "even if you were a nose, I would still pick you to be my friend." Congratulations on your beautiful friendship you lucky duckies (nose pickers)!

  6. After reading Kaylah's post the other day, it is so sweet to read you declare best friends status! You two are so adorable!


  7. This is so sweet. I also just made a new friend, not through blogging, but through the Air Force. I NEVER can make female friends, so that's why it's such a big deal to me. Plus, it's hard to find people who have the important things in common with you. A few weeks ago we just sat in her kitchen drinking coffee and talking about everything and nothing for 9 hours straight. It's so great to connect with people. I just went Vegan this year, and she is so interested in my diet that she and her husband are now also going Vegan. I am smiling from ear to ear over here!!!! I am so happy for you and Kaylah! YAY to awesome friendships!

  8. You two are so super cute and I just can't help but to be a tad bit jelly!!! I love you two and your friendship! YAY! :) People finding friends and being so passionately happy about it just makes me feel so happy...cause most people in the world are crud duds. Whomp whomp....ya'll rule!

  9. aww was a hunch, that happens sometimes
    the photos are funny and cute.

  10. This is incredibly sweet!!! I love y'alls friendship so so so much. Happy Friendiversary, ladies!

  11. I feel weird for tearing up at this but OMG YOU GUISE!!!

    Also, I love love LOVE that your outfits are the same, but one is warm colors and the other is cool colors.

    Happy Friendiversary!

  12. I laughed so hard when I read Kaylah's comment "I love getting dumped on with you" because I am a child!

    Anyway, you guys are too cute and I am super, dooper jealous of you!

  13. d'awww! I love these creepy love letters! :P I can't wait to see the tacky best friend necklace! :D

  14. You guys really are too cute... I really hope I am lucky enough to someday have a bff as awesome as you!

  15. How CUTE!

  16. You guys are the cutest :) Happy Friendiversary!

  17. This is adorable!
    It's funny how sometimes you meet someone, and something inside you just twigs and goes, "This person is going to be important in my life". I felt that way when I met both of my best friends, and my boyfriend.

  18. This post about the two of you and your friendship is just too cute and I also read the other one on Kaylahs blogs, awesome! :)
    Those friendships are the best, I love it when you have someone you can share everything with and with whom you can be just yourself. <3

  19. You two are sooooooo cute together. ♥

  20. You guys are so unique! And your styles are one of the best things I've seen(: I love you both and your blogs!:D


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