Friday, July 6, 2012

5 Fave Friday

5. I really like Shani's post on introverts. I can relate to a lot of it!

4. This top is so fun.
I love the colours and the scallops so much.

3. Amy posted this the other day and it is just too good not to mention.
If everyone followed this advice the internet (& world) would be a much better place! I know, I know, it's fun to be a dick sometimes but do what I do and just make fun of silly things about your favourite TV shows. Seriously, watch Degrassi Junior High and try NOT to make fun of it. Impossible. I love it but it is so fun to laugh at too. Ok, so now you know my secret. I am a dick to my favourite TV shows, but it comes from a place of love.

2. Kaylah's bike makeover.
Seriously Kaylah? You just had to have the coolest bike in the world to make my manly mountain bike look super lame when we go for a bike ride? Perfect shape, perfect colours. I'm in love.

1. Meredith's embroidery.
So good. Hey Meredith, is there anything you can't do well? I love the colour gradient too.

Today I am way up in Northern Ontario visiting a friend. I am in this lovely lady's wedding in September and the other bridesmaids and I drove up to surprise her for a fun bachelorette weekend! I looooove surprising people and it has been really hard not to mention the trip on my blog because I know she reads it!

I hope everyone has an excellent Friday!



  1. Oh my gosh, the color combo on that shirt is beyond beautiful!!! Also, Kaylah's bike, ahhhh. ♥ Fun finds!!!

  2. So many great faves this week. I love that sign and the bike!! I would love to have a bike like that!

  3. That introvert post is perfect, it describes me perfectly! And Kaylah's bike is thousands of shades of awesome!

  4. You and Kaylah posted the same thing about that shirt! So cute!

  5. OMG! This is so exciting, thank you for including me in your 5 fave Friday post.

    I'm in love with Kaylah's bike makeover too. I've been looking into getting a bike and this has given me ideas.

  6. Hahaha oh Degrassi.
    Trouble with being involved in theatre in the GTA (and now the Niagara region) is eventually you get to know a ton of actors from the show.
    And you will never take them seriously again.


  7. That freaking shirt!!! It's SO cute! ...we should try a DIY with a white button up and scallop from another colored button up and Ohhh my the possibilities!!!

    My favorite pass time is being a dick to my tv :)

    Kaylah's bike, that girl just doesn't quit being amazing, does she?

    I wish I was good at embroidery, I know I just need to practice more but I am so impatient when I want to be great at something right away!!!


  8. I love that post on introverts and I have been daydreaming about giving my bike a makeover after seeing Kaylah's bike transformation!!

  9. Aww are the best. Thank you for including my embroidery with these lovely finds! My mouth dropped when I saw Kaylah's bike makeover for the first time. My bike looks so sad in comparison...haha. Happy Friday friend! :-)

  10. "Don't be a dick" is just such a good rule for life! So many pretty things in this post :)


  11. Oh, I missed that bike makeover post. How cool! Man, that embroidery... anyone with the patience to embroider both amazes and baffles me!

  12. I loved the bike re-do, kaylah picked awesome colors!

    -XO Meg

  13. I love Kaylah's bike too! Isn't it just amazing?
    I hope you're having a ton of fun up north!

  14. I love the introvert list, I can totally relate! The poster is great too, I should get one for my front door. :D


  15. That introvert post is actually taken from this blog:
    both based on a book called The Introvert Advantage (How To Thrive in an Extrovert World), by Marti Laney, Psy.D.

  16. I love that top, i really like the colours together. Also "dont be a dick" is generally a rule i think more people should follow in life!


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