Friday, July 20, 2012

5 Fave Friday

5. Ice cream nails.
Sylvia and Samantha always have awesome nail ideas. These ones are just way too adorable.

4. This top!
The Top Next Door from ModCloth
Oh, it is so pretty and fancy!!

3. Amanda's Introvert Quirks
Such a great series. I can really relate and it makes me make more sense to myself. Confusing? Don't worry, I know what I mean.

2. Cute & Delicious
I just found Alix's blog the other day but she had a Twin Peaks Marathon so I love her now.

1. Boylan's Birch Beer.
Boylan's was an important guest during the week of fun Kaylah and I had last week. We drank our fair share of root beer but I'm positive that the birch beer is my favourite. I don't really drink a lot of pop/soda (almost none) but I love this stuff! Ivan and I are going to try our hand at root beer brewing soon.

Ok, I'm off to get to work and probably drink some more Boylans. I hope you have a great Friday!



  1. Those nails are so cool! Lovely post x

    Rose Eva

  2. Top really cute, and that Twin Peaks marathon post made me hungry. :)

  3. i love the nails. so cute. i love birch beer. ever had sarsaparilla? similar to root beer. so yummy good. have a good weekend. big hugs. (:

  4. Those nails are awesome! I already know I could never pull them off, but I'd like to pretend that I could.

  5. That top is ridiculously cute and those ice cream nails oh my gosh!!! Have you come across cupcake nails!? That'd be cute!


  6. We have the Boylan's vanilla cream in the cafeteria at work, and every single time I buy one, somebody thinks I'm drinking a bonafide beer. It's so delicious it's totally worth the weird looks. Mmmm cream soda on the job :P

  7. I've been loving the birch beer this summer, as well. So delicious!

  8. i 99.9% drink water all the time- but for a special treat i'll have a boylans either black cherry, grape or root beer (i don't drink any drinks with caffeine- havent since i was about 10?) but their so yummy! my husband just bought me a four pack of black cherry - so that will be a nice treat!! ive never had the birch beer - maybe i'll have to try that one as long as their isnt any caffeine.

  9. The packaging of that beer is really selling it to me, so pretty!
    Faye x

  10. Love it all! But, you know me, I like to admire fancy nails on other people's hands :) Gotta try that birch beer! Sounds yummy!


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