Thursday, July 19, 2012

thrift find :: the ones that got away

Hey there!

It has been a while since I have shown some thrift finds I didn't buy so here are a few more of the things I left behind. You can see some of my other rejects (I say that with love) here, here, here and here.

What: Dog pictures
Where: Thrift store in Ohio, I can't remember which one!
Why I loved it: The dogs looked like they were made of yarn and the colours are so bright and fun. 
Why I didn't buy it: I was thinking of putting these in my office but then decided that they wouldn't really match the other pictures I had hanging.  
Do I wish I bought it: Not right now but I feel like they would look good in a kid's room so maybe one day I will wish I had them!

What:  Dress
Where: Talize
Why I loved it: I loved the embroidery at the top and that little ruffle. I don't know why it says "Grape Jam" but I like it. Also the material texture and colour was really awesome.
Why I didn't buy it: I am trying not to buy clothes so that factored in but didn't fit. It looks like it fits perfectly in these photos but it didn't zip at the back!
Do I wish I bought it: No, I don't like owning things that make me wish I had smaller boobs/ribs.

What:  Blythe purse
Where: Talize
Why I loved it: It has Blythe dolls all over it!
Why I didn't buy it: I couldn't realistically see myself using it. 
Do I wish I bought it: If I ever travel with my Blythe dolls I may wish that I had a bag covered in Blythes to carry them in. Until then, I'm ok.

I have been getting so much done in the last few days and it is making me feel fantastic. List making has been helping me remember that there is always something I could be working on. If I don't write things down I find that I forget all the things I want to do. Visual reminders are making me so productive and excited! 



  1. Grape Jam dress is awesome, but I totally agree with you about buying things that are ill-fitting. This is why I always try everything on a thrift, sometimes you can never tell how something will fit until you do!

  2. Those pictures remind me of really old school cartoons. They would be really fun for a kid's room. All around cute finds!

  3. o goodness those pictures are such cute, great finds!


  4. Oh, dresses that make me wish I had smaller boobs/ribs.. I TOTALLY feel you there! I bought a gorgeous day dress at an antique shop in town a while back that looked like it might fit. But, of course not. And of course, they didn't have a change room for me to find that out before spending my $25. Oh well, it sure looks nice hanging on the outside of my closet door :)

  5. I love the dogs! I would totally regret not buying those.


  6. Dresses that made you wish you had smaller boobs *sigh*

  7. that grape jam dress is pretty random - but if it didn't fit, it didn't fit! i wish i had those yarn dog pictures though

  8. Those dog pictures are done in such an interesting style!


    And, I too wonder why the dress says "grape jam"...Hmm...

  9. Those painting are too cute and totally should have been scooped up for future kiddos!

    That dress is precious, only once I bought a dress that didn't fit because I wanted it to inspire me to lose weight, that was about a month ago and I haven't lost a pound but I JUST started ACTUALLY trying...sooo hopefully that precious dress will fit next summer?

    I need to make lists and stick to them...sigh sigh sigh!


  10. Shame about the dress not fitting, as it is nice style.

  11. Good willpower!

  12. I really love these posts. I like seeing the thought process behind whether you buy something or not.


  13. I would have bought the Blythe bag and rocked it every day!


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