Monday, May 21, 2012

thrift find :: the ones that got away

Hello! I hope all of my Canadian friends are enjoying their long weekend. Saturday I got my first ever migraine (not exciting) and yesterday Ivan and I filled our garden with veggies but then ran out of room. We already have a huge garden but we think we are going to make it a little bigger to fit some more things. I'm really happy that we got a ton of stuff planted though.

I thought I would share some more thrift finds that got away today. You can check out my previously left behind finds here and here.

What: Owl jar.
Where: Value Village (Upper James)
Why I loved it: I thought this little guy would look pretty adorable in our kitchen holding something like owl cookies. 
Why I didn't buy it: As cute as I thought he was, they style was not quite right for what I am imagining for our kitchen. I didn't want to spend money on this guy only to replace him with something better suited for our kitchen in a few months. I left him for someone else to enjoy.
Do I wish I bought it: No thank you.

What: Flower afghan.
Where: Value Village (Cambridge)
Why I loved it: As a general rule, I love handmade colourful afghans. If it is in good condition I will almost always buy it.
Why I didn't buy it: This one was in good condition but it was so stiff! It was not even close to being usable and I didn't like the way it felt so although it was pretty there was no way I could buy it.
Do I wish I bought it: No. Just thinking about touching it now is giving me the willies. 

What: Head.
Where: Value Village (Upper James)
Why I loved it: I am always super tempted to buy these things. I think they are a bit creepy but really cool. Also, when I was a kid I always wanted one of those Barbie things where you could do her hair but never got one.
Why I didn't buy it: I can't justify spending more than a couple dollars on something like this and they are always more than a couple dollars. I actually saw a different one the next time I was at Value Village. It's like they are taunting me!
Do I wish I bought it: Kind of. I'll make it through the day without one though. 

It's fun to thrift and bring home things you really love but it's also fun for me to look back at things I chose to leae behind. It shows me that I do have a bit of willpower when it comes to thrifting. 

Have you recently left behind anything cool?



  1. i love old beauty school heads- i used to have some that i cut up and made into chip & dip bowls. don't judge, i was like 19. and i thought i was cool.

  2. Cambridge Value Village! I used to spend so much time there. Did you go to the newer one?

  3. I had a Barbie head to play with growing up were you could style the hair! So much fun till the novelty wore off! I dislike the tough, stiff feeling crochet work - I always wonder what they've done to make it that stiff!

  4. love the afhgan, too bad it was stiff!

  5. Years ago I would buy EVERYTHING and not even think about it. Then I had to end up opening an antique booth or donating it all back. lol I like how you said, "Leave it for someone else to enjoy." I never looked at it that way. :) I have never been to a Value Village, I will have to look into their stores.

  6. Aww I'm sorry about your migraine Elycia! Those are the absolute worst. :-(

    Since I don't thrift that often I really love these posts. I will remember them when I finally (hopefully?) hit the vintage motherlode so I won't go crazy and buy everything. Haha!

    Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!

  7. Migraines are the worst :(

    I love that head! I had one when I was little that had a buzz cut and I drew all over it and made it look like a garbage pale kid haha!

    I went thrifting the other day and left behind a dress I think I'm regretting. I didn't get it because it was way too tight on my bust but I was trying to think of ways to alter it so that it would fit better, and then the ole boyfriend gave me the "meh" and didn't seem to like it so I put it back....dangit! :(

  8. haha. I love the colors of that afghan but it being stiff completely freaks me out too!!
    I actually picked up a really cute record table thing. The small kind where you put your turntable/record player on top and it has a shelf under so you can put your records. I LOVE it!!

  9. I hate when beautiful afghans are scratchy! >_< I have some really pretty ones that belonged to my grandma but they're basically just "looking at" blankets because they're so stiff. :(

  10. I love owls, but he is a little strange. I mean, I feel so bad saying that, but... Ya know. The head is cool, my mom had a ton and made her own out of Styrofoam. She was an artist and later in life started building life size "people". SO COOL!!!

  11. Migraines are horrible! I've only had one but it did scary things to my vision and made me really sick. Hopefully you don't get any more...

  12. thumbs up for thrifting willpower.

  13. hahha so those doll heads- they are for students in cosmetology school. a little unknown fact about me is that i went to cosmetology school- spent heap loads of money then never did anything with it! but! i did get lots of heads.

    well..when we were renovating the upstairs of our house, we had to take down walls and put up new walls with sheet put some of the heads in the walls! i figured they would make a super awesome surprise for someone like 100 years from now if they are renovating the house because sheetrock is outdated by some other new product. i cut the plastic bases off the bottoms and then put red paint to give them a little bit scarier vibe. i found some pretty interesting things in the walls when we took down the lath and plaster - i had to put something back in them!

  14. I gotta say, both the owl and the doll-head kind of freak me out. As does the material of that afghan. I'm happy to know that you didn't buy any of those items. Ick! :)


  15. YES! I found Jeffery Campbell Litas at a thrift store! I unfortunately didn't have near enough money with me, and they had to stay behind. I was oh so upset!

    -oakley seal

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  17. Can we please go thrifting together? The things you leave, I would gladly pick up. Then you know it would go to a great home! Think about it, ok? I need your thrifting luck.


  18. I never had a Barbie head either! Life is so unfair, huh? ;)


  19. There was a green dress I tried on one time and the thrift store that I am irritated at myself for not buying at the time. But... it's all ok.

    One of my friends went to school to cut hair, so he, for a while, had an entire fireplace mantel covered with heads. It was awesome, but sometimes a little creepy. I also had a computer science teacher in high school that had a suitcase of those heads with name tags. When it came time to demo sorts, he would pull out the suitcase and we'd sort the heads! I found one in the trash in my apartment building and recovered it and cleaned it up. It now lives on my bookshelf wearing a fedora. Sometimes I change up the makeup, hair and other stuff (especially for halloween!)

  20. That head creeped me out pretty bad when I was scrolling down, haha! I even jumped. That owl looked pretty cute. Maybe, it could have fit in some other room around the house besides the kitchen. Still, cool post. :)


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