Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thrift Find :: Ohio

While I was in Ohio the thrift queen herself took me to one of the most amazing places on Earth. Kaylah and I went and met her mom at a mega huge, annual sale where you can find just about everything you could ever want to thrift.  We all got there really early so we had time to get in line, hang around, chat and people watch which is one of my favourite activities.  Kaylah's mom is really awesome by the way and it was so great to meet her! Ok, back to the thrift finds. There was so much amazing stuff!

I really love this daisy blanket but when Ivan saw it he told me that he thought it would look really good in the shed. The way he said it was too funny for me to get mad but sorry Ivan, this guy is staying inside.
On top of the blanket is some really awesome paper that I am going to use to brighten up our built in unit in the kitchen as well as the hutch in the living room. I have actually already papered the hutch and I will share photos soonish.

I am so excited about this find! I have been dying for one of these cute plastic mail holders for the kitchen and this one just happened to be the perfect colour. 

Ever since I inherited more cameras than anyone needs I have been following a strict "no more cameras" rule. But...Brownie cameras are my absolute favourite and the prices were just too good!

Kaylah also talked me into getting a Land Camera that takes AA batteries. Ok, it didn't take much convincing. When we got home Kaylah gave me a pack of black & white film to test it out and to make a long story short we figured out that this particular model only takes colour film. So...Kaylah sent me home with one of her extra land cameras that shoots black and white as well as colour.
I am already super duper in love with this camera. I ordered myself some film and I can't wait to shoot tons. The photos remind me of the ones from my grandparents albums.

One of my favourite finds was this bag that only cost me $0.50. Yep, 50 cents. It is in great shape, has the perfect back pocket for holding photobooth photos, is large enough for at least two cameras and even came with a used pair of pantyhose! Ok, so maybe that last part was not a bonus.

There is one last find, definitely the most amazing, but you will have to check out Kaylah's post to see what it is. Finding it and realizing what it was was kind of a joint effort and to save our friendship Kaylah and I decided to share it. You'll see why.

I'm sure I am forgetting to share an amazing find. I really need to make a list of my thrift finds, especially when I am travelling and everything gets packed up into different bags on the way home.

On a side note...something slightly embarrassing/funny happened during this thrift adventure. An extremely sweet girl saw Kaylah and I on the other side of an aisle and said "Hey, I read both of your blogs!". To which Kaylah & I replied (respectively)..."Ohhhhhh!" "Hiiii!" We are so eloquent. We were absolutely not expecting to run into anyone there and it was so intense and crowded that we were completely caught off guard by this awesomely nice gal. We were all laughing during this short interchange so hopefully she is still reading our blogs to see this and know that thanks to her we will always be prepared to see a blog reader and will always be ready to respond like proper human beings. 

Have you found anything awesome lately? Do you have an embarrassing story about meeting a blogger/blog reader?



  1. Wow, you guys scored!! Congrats! And that yellow bag... swwooooon!

  2. I was volunteering at The Fountain and someone came in and was like "I read your blog!!!". I was so gobsmacked that someone actually admits to reading my ramblings that I nearly fell over!

    Another time was when I'd written a complaint about a local restaurant (bad service, rude staff, massive delays for our food) and the assistant manager waited on our table especially! She said that when the store manager/regional manager had raised the concerns she'd looked up my blog on her phone and spent most of the morning reading it! (is that good or bad lol)

  3. i love that daisy blanket! i have one like it that i keep in my craft room because my husband is not a fan, haha!

    i was at an estate sale once and i picked up this sequined santa mail holder thing and was like "wowee look at THIS!" and this girl said "wait, do you have a blog??" she recognized me because of my tacky taste. haha!

  4. I love how you've decided to share the record player, you guys are so cute! :) Your letter holder is a great find too, it looks great against the yellow wall.
    Faye x

  5. Smitten with that daisy blanket, and mail holder! Okay, and every thing else too!!! I envy the finds you guys come across, I am obviously not shopping in the right places! I need to hunt!

    I'd love to run into you guys, too bad I live way down south!


  6. Ummm NO JOKE, I seriously just bought an almost identical blanket at a garage sale :P

  7. I wish I could find a daisy blanket like yours!! and I love your mail holder + your awesome yellow bag!! (Plus your amazing record player!!) :) xoxo

  8. I love everything you found especially the letter holder. Amazing!!

  9. Haha, I am one of those people who is easily star struck and would probably freeze up with my mouth open if I saw either of you in RL. ;p

  10. Aww, such awesome finds! LOVE that yellow bag!

    I saw Katy from Kansas Couture at a concert one time. She immediately caught my attention because she was this cute little stylish girl and I kept thinking "did I go to college with her? why does she look so familiar...OH SHIT I READ HER BLOG" and I instantly felt uncomfortable because I had been staring at her and she was alone at the time, so there was no way I was going to creep up to her in a dark venue and be like "I love your blog" Hahaha

  11. Haha, I'm sure she understood xD I'd probably be just as awkward if someone recognized me from my blog

  12. uh that mail holder is AMAZING!!!!!!! i have always wanted something like that. truly a perfect find! sounds like you had a fantastic time, very very jealous!

  13. Good grief Elycia! So much awesomeness! I especially love mail holder! Eep! So cute.

    I found my first pieces of Pyrex over the weekend! My first successful find ever! I guess I can't give up on thrifting now. ;-)

  14. this is AWESOME. I'm s jealous!


  15. That mail holder is sooo darling! What a great score!

  16. Ooh I love that yellow bag, I love anything yellow at the moment! That letter rack is awesome too, great colour against your wall, fab finds!

  17. love your finds! and that is too funny about the blog reader. :D That has happened to me a couple times in Atlanta where people recognized me. I pretty much never wear make-up, and those times weren't any different & now i'm rethinking my normal no-makeup (lazy) routine. ha! I'm generally pretty shy so those interactions always throw me off, but people are always so SWEET. I love nice readers! Glad you got to meet one!

  18. I am quite in love with that letter holder! My apartment seems to be FULL of random paperwork floating around all the time. It drives my boyfriend a little nutso. haha! I'll have to scour my local thrifties and find something that works. How do you feel about your kitchen being that yellow color? I LOVE it, but am unsure how it would be for all the walls. Is it amazing?? I bet it is....
    Nice finds lady!


  19. I have thrift ENVY now. Lovely finds.

    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

    I am having a fabulous giveaway right here.

  20. Yeah, haven't met a blog reader yet. But perhaps one day! The two of you ladies always find the coolest stuff. I look for cameras and such all the time and never find a thing! Perhaps I need to travel to Ohio?

  21. You got some great stuff! That blanket is adorbs, and I loooove that mail organizer! Too cute!! <3

  22. Such cute things! I love that mail holder! Absolutely perfect. I saw what you and Kaylah are sharing; SO AWESOME.

    Also, I was getting to a Ferris Wheel at Hershey Park and a guy who was working the ride, graduated a year before me in high school and goes, "So, how is the blog going?" as I was going around the loop. Weird.


  23. Wow, I can't beleive the amazing things you found! That daisy blanket is just the best. In fact (this might be really creepy so bear with me), I keep buying vintage blankets in thrift stores because you always seem to have such lovely ones. Too creepy? Yeah, maybe! What I mean is, they look great in the photos of your home so they inspired me to buy my own.



  24. awkward blog reader right here. When I looked up and saw you guys I was just like "oh this is going to be uncomfortable..." but I had to say hi! awkward moments are my specialty.

  25. LOL That is a great story about Emily running into you guys. That's how you know that "it's a small world after all". Ohio is great for thrifting. I miss it so much! That camera bag for .50 cents is amazing!!


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