Tuesday, July 10, 2012

vlog :: Drinking with Chantilly & Elycia


I think that Chantilly and I are possibly the worst two people to make a video on how to mix drinks but sometimes when people are really bad at something it makes for a really good video. Let's see if that is the case this time...
Of course, always remember to drink responsibly!

Today I am on my way down to Ohio to spend the week with Kaylah! I am so excited for all the fun things we are going to do!



  1. "actually, let me triple check. because i don't want to set something on fire and we miss it" haha! you two are so cute together! and i lol'd when you guys took the shot. so funny. the blue drink looks so pretty & yummy though!


  2. I hope you have a great time with Kaylah this week. You two are adorable together!

    I love your blog. It's so great. Just fun and all around wonderful :) You inspired me this week to make my blog what I want it to be. Thanks for being you :)


  3. You guys are too funny. I'm not a big drinker but both drinks look pretty tastey. My husband loves to try and make drinks we've had when we're out. My favorite is hypnotic tea. It's been so long I can't remember how to make it but I used to love it!

    P.S. ice cream and beer? I might actually drink beer that way lop.

  4. I 'LOL'ed' all the way through this, super funny! And Fruli Float, I love Fruli beer this is a MUST make! thanks guys! x

  5. I wonder why you couldn't set those on fire? I googled tips for doing this, and it said short round glasses are better suited for lighting because of the larger flammable surface area...maybe try again with bigger glasses!
    I like this Happy Hour Vlog idea ;)

  6. haha i love the way you flushed the bad taste of your shot with your beer :D

  7. My favourite vlog you two have made so far! I'm going to try the Fruli Float with some coconut ice cream this weekend. Hope you have a fantastic time in Ohio!

  8. ice cream and beer?
    this is have to try...

  9. That first drink reminds me of a drink I once had when I was in South-America. It was the first time I had (pineapple) ice-cream with booze. It was so strong though! in fact, it was so strong that the drink was called 'terremotto', which translates as 'earthquake'. And yes, that is because apparently the ground should be moving under your feet after drinking one haha.



  10. Haha you two are hilarious. I like how you were like, "at least the matches smell good!" ahah love that smell.

    I need to try that strawberry beer! Years ago when my friends & I rented a cottage, my one friend tried a beer float... normal beer with smarties ice cream, ha. He didn't like it... hahha. But strawberry beer with coconut ice cream (like Laura mentioned!) sounds delicious. Awesome.

    BLAH. Cinnamon alcohol is the worst... haha. GROSSSSS.

  11. Haha you guys are charming and hilarious!


  12. They might've not lit if the overall alcohol content was under 80 proof! The higher the proof, the easier it is to light.
    By the way, you guys are too funny in this video. I like how you will random catch a glimpse of a lightning fast cat running by behind yous.

  13. I totally made a video response. =]


  14. Totally had my LOLing!!! hahaha So so good!!

    XO Jenny

  15. That was too cute...I was laughing the whole time. Do it again!


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