Friday, August 17, 2012

5 Fave Friday

5. Roxy's recent trip photos.
I love this photo so much and it would be really cool to see in person. Make sure you pop by Roxy's blog to see the rest!

4. Removable wallpaper? Am I way behind on this?
Park Slope Temporaty Wallpaper from ModCloth

3. Kate's pretty dress restyle!
I love it! You absolutely need to see what this dress looked like before.

2. I love these pretty fabrics designed by Elsie & Emma
There are so many adorable ones in their new Spoonflower shop.

1. This coat is amazing.
Not a Cloud in Sight Coat from ModCloth
I love the colour, the little white parts and the black buttons. So, um, the whole thing I guess.

Today I am making a to do list and sticking closely to it. I have a lot to do and I need to prepare for a fun weekend!!

What are your weekend plans? Have a great Friday!!



  1. ooh that coat is so Sgt Pepper, i must have it.

  2. Hmmm removable wallpaper. That might be something I snatch up.

  3. Removable wall paper sounds amazing! Perfect for those of us stuck renting, I'll have to see if it is available in the UK xo

  4. Temporary wallpaper is amazing! That would be perfect for me in my rented house!


  5. I love all of this, temp wallpaper is genius! That coat is too perfect, what a beautiful color to brighten up a chilly day!


  6. I actually love everything here, especially the wallpaper - genius!
    Faye x

  7. Ooo temporary wallpaper...genius! I love love Modcloth, but was thinking that there had to be more color combinations out there and found this website with the same designs+more. Looks like you can design your own too!

  8. I love that coat! I think I'm going to add things like that to one of my old jackets.

  9. Loving your blog!! I'm officially following! Xo

  10. Darling coat...lovin' the removable wallpaper as well. :)


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