Friday, September 7, 2012

5 Fave Friday

5. Great colours in this dress.
Plaid to Help Dress from ModCloth

4. Cute!
I really like the Martha Stewart craft paint and I have a few mugs that need decorating.

3. Such a great idea.
I know this was for a kid's room but I totally want this in my room!

2. This shaker set.
First and Forest Shaker Set from ModCloth
I absolutely don't need another shaker set (somehow I ended up with 3!) but if I did this would be on my list.

1. Another great idea.
I'm pretty sure Ivan would be into this idea too. We have talked about painting the insides of our drawers pretty colours but I didn't think of the sides!

Today Kaylah and I are bursting with excitement because tomorrow we are heading to Chicago for Renegade! We seriously can't wait. Is anyone out there going? Make sure you say hi to Kaylah and I if you see us walking around. You might even end up in one of our videos!



  1. I really love the plaid dress too, and I'm sure I have that heart garland pinned on my pinterest! It's definitely a must-do craft for me. XO

  2. Ahmygoodness yes. I was so excited when I got my email telling me that the dress had finally become available. So perfectly cute!!!
    XO Samantha

  3. That's a great idea to decorate mugs. And about those DIY paper hearts, who cares if it's for childeren! It's so adorable and maybe I'm still just a little kid inside. ;) And have fun tomorrow! Sounds like fun! <3

  4. I am so jealous that you're going to Renegade! We don't get big craft fairs like that down here in Alabama. At least not in sensible driving distance... The heart garland is wonderful and you should do it, I'm sure Princess Log Lady would enjoy swatting at it :)


  5. Love those mugs! I always want stuff that's meant for kid's rooms for my own room. I have a collection of shaker sets, mostly of monkeys, but these are suh-ohhh cute!


  6. I love that heart wall hanging + that pretty dress!!

  7. Holy cow, I'm going to Renegade too! I think it'd be so awesome to run into you guys, it would make my day! I'll probably be an awkward mess but that's okay haha. Are you guys staying in the area for the weekend?

  8. I love the drawers - the colours and the shapes make me think of Mondrian paintings!

    Have a great weekend :)


  9. I love those mugs! Just too cute! I need to do something like that ASAP.


  10. I love the mug idea! Thanks for sharing

  11. oh man the color on that dresser is fantastic! I've been meaning to do this to a bookshelf I have too. :)

  12. I just bought those salt and pepper shakers! In fact - Fraser and I are contemplating using them as our wedding cake toppers this summer. I may have an obsession...

  13. I love the new design of your blog! It's so pretty! And what a great idea for decorating plain mugs! I'll have to pin this! -Jessica L

  14. Those salt and pepper shakers are the cutest! I think you should post a photo of your cute three sets :)
    xo L


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