Friday, September 14, 2012

5 Fave Friday

5. I love the print on this dress.
Hold the Gramophone Dress from ModCloth
The length also looks really great!

4. This pretty bag.
This bag reminds me a lot of the yellow one I picked up in Ohio. I love that yellow one so much, it would be awesome to have a similar one in another colour.

3. This print is really simple and cute.

2. This dress is so pretty!
The colours are so awesome and the shape looks perfect!

1. This is one of the prettiest vintage sheets I've seen.

Today I am going to work on my blanket and hopefully finish it up and then try to get rid of my stuffy nose before the wedding I am in tomorrow! Oh, and try to stretch out the butt of my bridesmaid dress so it doesn't rip when I sit down. Yikes!

Oh yeah, and my hair is super white now and I'm really happy about it! Just thought I would mention that important bit of information.



  1. Love that vintage sheet and everything else, congrats on your white hair, I am very jealous.


  2. I love the print! Do you have a link for it?

    1. Whoops! Forgot to include the link. It's there now. Thanks for mentioning that :)

  3. I adore that plaid dress. I think it would look particularly fantastic on you!

    Good luck kicking that stuffy nose and stretching out your dress. :)

  4. I love the first dress, and the vintage sheet is just dreamy! xo.

  5. That carry on bag is to die for! Too bad there is $22 shipping to Canada. Boo.

  6. I absolutely LOVE that bag! I've got to keep my eye out for one like it because I have a slight obsession with large bags :) Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend!

    -Jessica (Sew In Love)

  7. I love that bag! The colour is awesome! xo

  8. I LOVE both dresses!! You have such a great eye for beautiful clothes Elycia!! xo

  9. I love the grammaphone dress too, but yikes it's pricey!!!

    YAY for white hair!! congrats on 'getting it back' :) !!!

  10. Wow that dress from Dear Golden is beautiful! What a fantastic shop!
    Have fun at the wedding tomorrow! ♥

  11. i have a full set of those vintage sheets! it is one of my favorites.

  12. I love the Modcloth dress - perfect for Fall weather :)

  13. Thank you very much for adding my bag to your Fave Friday. :)


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