Monday, September 3, 2012

Wish I Wore :: Back to School

:: 1. Everyday's an Expedition Skirt :: 2. Maize and Nights Flat :: 3. Mews of the Day Top :: 4. Twist of the Wrist Bracelet :: 5. Charter School Cardigan in Sage :: 6. Corked Necklace in Color Wheel :: 7. She's got Purse-onality Bag ::
All items from ModCloth

Even though I am many years past going back to school I thought it would be fun to put together a pretend back to school outfit. I am so crazy in love with that plain skirt. I feel like it would go amazingly with so many things and be super versatile.

Good luck to everyone who is just starting school this year! Pick out a fun outfit for me!



  1. Ooh, that color wheel has been on my wishlist for ages<3

    And that smiling satchel really made me smile too!

  2. i miss back to school first day outfits as well. i can remember my first day of second grade. i had this little pick jumpsuit (sort of fancy overalls more like it - no idea how to explain these pants! they were high-waisted with little overall straps) with a short, puff sleeve flowered top. Oh that shirt was adorable, peter pan collar and everything! How I wish I could have that little shirt back! Anyway! I was so excited for school that apparently I woke up at 2 in the morning and went into my bathroom and started getting ready for school. The commotion woke my mom up and she came in to check on me...looking in shock as to why I was already dressed for school she advised me of the time. I remember getting so upset having to put my pajamas back on and climb back into bed. ah...first day of school...

  3. This is super adorable! I went back to school two weeks ago, and I'm still having fun picking out outfits everyday!
    xo Heather

  4. Cute outfit!
    I used to get nauseous this time of year every year because I was nervous to go back to school.
    My kids are both at school this year full time for the first time (as you know). And I'm feeling like I'm entering a whole new stage in life that required some new outfits! So I took advantage of ModCloth's recent sale and I am presently waiting for them to arrive in the mail!
    I agree with your thoughts on that skirt. I almost bought it too! We'll have to add that to our must make list :)
    Hope you're enjoying the long weekend!

  5. That is a great skirt! Best time of back to school is definitely the new outfits! :)


  6. Well, that outfit rocks! However, from what I see, my son Andy's, girl friends would not wear that! hehehe I HATE what they wear these days. I'm so glad I'm older and can have more fun with clothes. Seems like the little teens are stuck in a tiny box of "cool" clothes. They would be so adorable in the fun stuff too!! xoxo

  7. I'm in love with this cute bag <3

  8. I am so ridiculously relieved I ma not the only one who still picks out and plans back to school outfits.....yours is splendidly wonderful, I love the color combo! =)

  9. This is the kind of thing I would wear to school. I'm going to be a senior this year so luckily I still have the opportunity to dress up!

  10. That outfit is the absolute cutest!! I should do a few back to school outfits, this is an adorable idea.

  11. Back to school clothes shopping is the best time of the year! Too bad I'm all degree'd up. I have that colour wheel necklace from yellow owl workshop too! Perhaps I'll wear it for pseudo school.

  12. Oh wow, that wish list is just perfect. You made a really nice selection and it looks pretty much like my september's color palette!

  13. Adorable as always. Also, I have the Derek Cardigan glasses too! But mine are in root beer :)

    1. Bother... Definitely meant to reply on today's post. Still working out the kinks of using the Internet on an ipod :(


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