Friday, November 23, 2012

5 Fave Friday

5. I love this necklace.

There are so many amazing pieces in the shop actually! This necklace is my favourite though I think.

4. Meredith's new braided cowl.
I love this! It looks so cozy and I love the braided cable.

3. This dress is so pretty!

There are so many amazing things on sale right now at ModCloth. I'm pretty tempted to buy a bathing suit actually! Such a good price! 

2. Pretty decorations.

I'm still not even a little bit ready for Christmas but these decorations are so pretty.

1. Great glasses.

I am a big fan of these glasses. I have so many different styles but none like these ones. 

Today I am pretty excited because we are having a piano delivered! I have been playing piano ever since I was a kid but in the past couple years I have barely played at all. It is going to be right in the living room so I'm looking forward to playing it often.

Have a great Friday!

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