Monday, November 5, 2012

Review :: Fair Ivy

Fair Ivy is a pretty cool little company that sends out handmade surprises to you or whoever you sign up for when you subscribe. Each month that you subscribe you will get 2-4 packages from different independent crafters. I think this is a really great gift idea for someone who you know loves handmade things but you just aren't exactly sure what to get her.
As part of my review I received these zipper earrings. They are a really great colour and came very nicely packaged. Personally I love surprises so a service like this is really cool as you get a few surprises throughout the month that you are subscribed.
Fair Ivy would be a fun way to reward yourself with a few surprise gifts or a great solution for that hard to buy for friend. You can check out some examples of things that have been sent out in the past for an idea of the types of handmade gifts you could receive. Everything looks so lovely!

Has anyone ever used Fair Ivy for themselves or as a gift for someone else?



  1. Very cool! Those earrings are neat!
    xo Heather

  2. Sounds like such a great concept!

  3. I bought a Fair Ivy package out of curiousity a number of months ago. It was great fun having it arrive and not knowing what was inside. You can see my post about my package here:

  4. How cute!
    I had zipper earrings once (just from Equip or somewhere like that). They were so cool.
    Obviously recycled up zippers are so much cooler.

  5. I love this idea! So cute & fun.

    <3 Melissa

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  7. Is there a reason your review only includes one (1) product?
    Also, could you explain what you mean by " Personally I love surprises so a service like this is really cool as you get a few surprises throughout the month that you are subscribed."

    The Fair Ivy site shows boxed productS. They do not state that they send out " surprises throughout the month that you are subscribed".

  8. Hi Lilly,
    My review only includes one product because that is what I received. I was asked by Fair Ivy to review their service and to show the type of items that you can receive and they sent me one product as a sample instead of sending me a full month subscription.
    I'm not sure what you don't understand about what I said there. Although I didn't receive multiple products during my review, someone who subscribes would and I think that is a really cool idea.
    Finally, Fair Ivy most definitely sends out surprises throughout the month. With a subscription you receive 2-4 packages during the month that you are subscribed. It says so right here:
    I apologize if you were confused. Hopefully this helps clear anything up.


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