Friday, December 28, 2012

5 Fave Friday

5. I need a bright pink dress!
This one is pretty perfect. I love the shape.

4. Oh my gosh, these two swinsuits are awesome.
Can you tell I'm daydreaming about warm weather? Although, we got a bunch of snow the other night and it does look really pretty.

3. This tote bag is really cute.

2. I haven't worn a watch in years but I might make an exception for this one.
The Time is Bright Watch from ModCloth

1. I am such a sucker for cute little figurines.

Today I am off to get some blood work done. I don't mind it as much as I used to. When I was a kid they always had a really difficult time finding my veins and I even fainted once afterwards! Definitely not so bad now.

A little off topic, but does anyone have any good recommendations for 2013 planners. I don't have one yet and I really need to change that. I need one that has a full month view calender for each month. Any suggestions?

Have a great Friday!