Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 in Review :: Part One

I had so much fun putting together a year in review post last year (part one and two) that I decided to do it again this year. It is a really good reminder of all the things that happened...and all the hair colours I went through. Here is the first half of the year.
- Made some pretty art out of old posters.
- Posted about Paying it Forward. I totally didn't realize it was that long ago. I still haven't sent my packages because I am the worst!
- Found the cutest paper dolls ever.
- Started & finished my first afghan.
- I showed off my sexy mullet.
- I wore my rainbow sweater that was once on an episode of 'What Not to Wear'.
- Scored a huge collection of cameras from a very sweet gal.
- Started my 52 weeks of instax project. Promptly stopped my 52 weeks of instax project when I realized I was very short on film.
- Chantilly & I started a fun vlogging project together.
- Chantilly & I also hosted a craft night where we made plush cameras. That was really fun!

- Kaylah and I shared a thrifting video that we made. I still love it so much!
- Shared a really awesome Ohio thrift haul.
- Kaylah and I did our first ever outfit post together. I'm so glad we did, this has become one of my favourite things ever! We also shared outtakes from the shoot.
- Started my granny square afghan. Still working on that one.
- Shared a tutorial for zig zag nails.
- I made a fancy heart display on my wall and did a little GIF of it.
- Kaylah and I did our first vlog together. So funny.
- Made a cute little pouch for carrying around used and unused film.
- Ivan and I reached a milestone: being together for 10 years!
- We visited my Dad in Florida. I can't wait to go again this year.

- Vlogged the 11 meme, part 1,  2 and 3.
- Shared a few peeks around our bedroom.
- Kaylah and I shared a video of a fun day we spent scooting around Cleveland.
- I did one of my favourite things and wore lots of one colour.
- Kaylah and I made another sassy vlog together.
- A second What We Wore! This time with a behind the scenes video to go along with it.
- I restyled some suitcases.
- Started a series about thrift finds that I left behind.

- Drew some cute bloggers.
- I was stencilled!
- Our fruit trees started blooming and I was really excited.
- Astrid came to visit and we explored Hamilton.
- Visited the Cleveland Natural History Museum and took lots of photos.
- Kim and I had a vlog conversation.
- I shared some info about how I use my indoor lighting for taking outfit photos.
- Shared a bunch of cute cat videos.

- I toured around Toronto as part of ModCloth's Travel Bug series.
- I challenged myself to become a bit more self sustaining and to minimize the number of things that I buy. I still did buy some things here and there but this challenge really made me think about the purchases I was making.
- I started overhauling our front garden.
- Ivan and I visited the lilac gardens.
- Official best friend status!
- Chantilly & I bake a crazy cake.
- I admired the teensy fruit in the backyard.
- I showed you what's in my bag.
- I shared a super cute lampshade restyle with yarn.

- Farva & Anakin were looking really adorable and were pretty into having their picture taken.
- I got a really awesome birthday present from Ivan.
- I fell in love with Flapper Girl lady ties.
- I showed you what's in my camera bag.
- Kaylah and I took more fun outfit photos together.
- I found a robin's nest with some eggs in it in our grapevine.
- I wore one of my favourite dresses and was super bright.
- Shared some photos from an afternoon of beer brewing.
- Developed some film photos from around our backyard and some from the beach.
- Ivan and I celebrated one year of marriage and took some photos.
- I organized some of my instant photos.

Doing the first half of this review reminded me how fun vlogs are and that I haven't done one in forever. I need to change that! I will post part two of my year in review on Saturday morning!



  1. This is a really neat idea! I was especially fond of looking back at all the videos you and Kaylah made together, you guys are so silly. :D

  2. Oh this is really great. Some of these posts feel like I read them yesterday and some I've almost forgotten about.

  3. I love this! Your annual recap is so much more colorful than mine. :) I gotta work that for '13. Can't wait to see part 2.

  4. I just realized how incredibly awesome your blog is. I MUST read more!

  5. oh, you have a lot of great job in this year, I wish you have better next year..
    and I write about my review too,and really thankful, because there are a lot of things that happened to me this year, I did not realize has made me better

  6. It looks like it's been a good year (or half a year!). I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for you. Wishing you all the best.


  7. will be there more vlogs and crazy thrifting videos with you and Kaylah next year?
    also i think its great idea to do review of the year like you did - those photo collages look so cute ;)

    take care!


  8. Beautiful year end round up. I wish mine looked this pretty. Looks like you have quite a bit to be thankful for :) Feel free to link up at my 2012 year in review party!

    xo Shane

  9. What a cute idea!

  10. Nice review! 2012 has been a great year. I'm so glad you had a good one too :) Cheers to many more! Merry Christmas and happy new year! ♥

  11. This is great! I've definitely enjoyed following your blog this year and it's awesome to see the year in review!


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