Thursday, December 6, 2012

photos :: around the house

Just a few snapshots from my day.

Emails & blogging.
My favourite straw.
I don't know why but I spent a good majority of the day walking around with one sock on and one sock off.
I am obsessed with udon noodles at the moment. Mixed up with a little garlic sauce from the recipe book "How it all Vegan" and some veggies, yum!
My sewing machine was sitting at the door from its trip out the other day. I put it away after the photo. I used to leave things lying around all the time when I was younger but now it kind of drives me crazy. Not that I absolutely never do it...I'm just way better at putting things away quickly than I used to be.
I am also pretty obsessed with this mint chocolate soy milk. It is amazing!
So that was my very exciting day. It also included cats but surprisingly I didn't snap any photos of them. Actually Anakin was even hanging out with me yesterday. He usually spends the day in the bedroom in his favourite spot at the end of the bed but he kind of followed me around yesterday which was really cute.

Last night we picked up a bunch of boxes from Ivan's Dad's house that have been there since before we moved a year ago. There are a ton of books and even some tea that I thought was long lost! I'm excited to go through the boxes and see what else I forgot I had.

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