Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Photos :: Hutch

Remember our pretty hutch that I papered the back of and filled with cameras and other pretty things? Well, as I mentioned we had to move it to a temporary location to make room for the piano. I'm hoping for it to end up in my office (which I am overhauling) but for now it is conveniently blocking our book case in the spare bedroom.

When we first moved it and it was all empty we decided that Farva and Princess should be displayed in it for a few minutes. We put them in and they had a bit of fun trying to swat at each other from the different levels. They must have really liked it in there because the other day when I opened the hutch doors for a minute they booth scooted inside again!

A lot of the time, instead of jumping up to where she needs to be, Pinny will kind of hang and try to climb or pull herself up. She is such a little monkey! It didn't work well on the hutch so I gave her a hand.
See my little Fur Balls hanging out in there? That is their temporary home while my office is under construction (translation: such a mess that I can't walk through it).

I feel like I have been very absent from my blog these last few weeks and you may be wondering if it is really me writing it or if I have been hijacked by some 40 year old man who also happens to love my cats. It's still me and here is a no make up, silly face photo to prove it. Actually, I might have coloured in my eyebrows and have on some mascara. Yeah, pretty sure I did. So, a little make up.

Yesterday I helped my Dad out with a curtain sewing/altering project that worked out better than we could have imagined. Everything went so smoothly and we used parts that we cut off for other things so really nothing got wasted. It was very exciting and if I had have known it would be so exciting I would have taken photos to share. Telling you this is not really relevant to anything, I'm just still kind of pumped about it.

Have a great day!


PS. The lucky winner of the Teetoo giveway is...Bethany!