Monday, December 24, 2012

What I Wore :: Fancy Purple

:: head to toe ::
glasses :: Tenley from WarbyParker
dress :: c/o ModCloth
cardigan :: Old Navy
belt :: You're a Natural Belt c/o ModCloth
ring :: c/o OASAP
tights :: Walmart
shoes :: Iron Fist

Christmas is a really busy time of year for Ivan and I. Both of our parents are divorced so that adds up to a lot of Christmas events to attend and get dressed up fancy for. I wanted to take photos of each of my Christmas outfits but then I missed the first one because of poor planning. I plan on snapping a few outfit photos of the rest of them though. Maybe I'll even put the first one back on because I liked it so much.

My fancy outfits aren't really so different from my normal everday wear. Usually the fanciness comes from me pulling out shoes I don't normally wear. This time, I actually ended up changing my shoes after I took these photos. I had this weird feeling in my ankle like it needed to crack but wouldn't and I was worried that I would end up face planting if I didn't put on something a little lower to the ground.

I hope everyone has a really great Christmas Eve!

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