Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wish I Wore :: Fancy Black & White

Captain Starlet Hat :: Fruit Blossoms Necklace :: Dot a Hold on Me Dress :: Donning Chevron Tights :: Synchronized Shimmer Heel

Once again I just felt like putting together a fancy outfit that I would like to wear. This would be awesome for Christmas parties...really fancy Christmas parties. Or not so fancy ones I guess. I don't mind being over dressed.

Today I'm planning on doing some cleaning and maybe putting up our little pink Christmas tree. I have not been in the Christmas spirit at all this year but maybe putting up some decorations will help.



  1. Great outfit! I agree about not being in the Christmas spirit, I have been the same. I normally have the whole house decorated by now but this year it seems to have crept up on me, how can it be Dec 13th already!? I am also putting up our tree today so hopefully that will help!

  2. That necklace is absolutely lovely <3

  3. You're so great at putting together outfits!
    Don't fret about not feeling the spirit yet, it will get you soon!

  4. It takes effort for me to put up our three foot high tree. I could never take the time to decorate a house.

  5. I love that dress...I've seen a lot of cut-out on top dresses this year...they are beautiful!! That necklace is perfect to top it all off! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  6. This outfit is perfect, black is always my favorite color to wear!
    I haven't really been in the Christmas spirit either this year, but decorating did help me a bit! Hopefully it will help you too!

  7. That hat is adorable! I love it so much!


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