Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pregnancy :: 22 Weeks

22 weeks in photo
Good morning!

I decided that today I would answer a few of the questions I received in the comments of the last post as well as just a general update on how everything is going.

1. How long did it take us to get pregnant?
Ivan and I got pregnant after just two months of trying. I know that it can take a lot longer than that and I feel very lucky that it happened so quickly for us. I was paying very close attention to my cycle (too much information?) and I think that helped us.

2. Are you going to dress the baby in vintage? 
I hope so! As of right now I have zero pieces of baby vintage but I will be keeping my eyes peeled for sure.

3. Are you going the doctor route or midwives, doulas?
We would like to have a home birth so we went with midwives and I am so happy with our decision. Mine are great and I have been enjoying my appointments. I think that doulas can be really great but because of my personality and personal preferences I don't plan on having one.

4. Are you going with any kind of theme? (I assume this means a theme for the baby room)
Not really. We would like to have nice white walls with lots of colourful things in the room. I think it will look really cool.

5. Have you had the toxoplasmosis test?
No. I mentioned it to my doctor and she didn't think it was necessary. I think that my doctor is great and I trust her opinion so I didn't push for one. Ever since we started trying to get pregnant Ivan has been on litterbox duty. It's pretty awesome.


So this past week was pretty good. I have been feeling much less tired in general but as I mentioned I did have a wave of exhaustion (and extra hunger) hit me Wednesday and Thursday. I am feeling back to normal now which is great. In general though I have been going to bed really early still but I don't mind.

As far as movement, I found out at my 20 week ultrasound that I have an anterior placenta so anything I have been feeling is either really low or muffled. It will take longer before I can really feel him moving around but apparently he is very active. I can't wait to see little feet pushing on my stomach.

That's about all! I'll talk to you guys Monday, have a good weekend!



  1. I love seeing your growing bump every week! So cute :) ♥

  2. oh man, with my first pregnancy i was SO glad my husband had litter box duty. we had two male cats, and a smallish house. with superhuman pregnancy smell powers, i could tell immediately when they went to the bathroom, even if i was all the way across the house.

    one of the perks of pregnancy. :)

  3. Oh my goodness :) I keep seeing so many cute vintage baby/toddler outfits on Etsy (and having to double-check to see if they could possibly be adult sized so I could wear them!). Too cute. :)


  4. So excited for you! what a lovely bump and I love the idea for the baby room!

  5. yay!! I'm just a few weeks behind you! Exciting!! I LOVE being off litter box duty. One of the greatest things about being preggy!

  6. Sooo does this mean you want your readers to keep an eye out for any retro vintage polyester baby clothes? That popular 'mustard' colour will help hide any poop damage! ;o)
    AWESOME you got the midwives!! Home birth?! Excited to hear how it goes... and if the cats help out ;o) Just wait till you start nursing.. cats come running from every corner of the house (at least in my experience)...enjoy!
    needle and nest

  7. That's so exciting! xx

  8. I love these updates!

    <3 Melissa

  9. Yeah! Being off litter duty is definitely awesome! I remember when I was preggo my dr. said you would basically have to eat the litter to get toxoplasmosis and that if you wash your hands well you'd be fine. My husband and I decided that he would be on litter duty though just to be safe about it and I didn't mind. I am not a fan of my cat's stinky poo. :P

    (Etsy has some great vintage boy clothes. :) )

  10. What a gorgeous bump you're growing.

  11. You have such a neat little bump.

    Damn. You're making me broody! I loved being pregnant.

    By the way - it's mother's day here in the UK tomorrow,

    So happy mother's day : )

  12. You are looking so cute! I also had an anterior placenta so it seemed like it took forever to finally feel something, but then it gets to the point where your whole stomach will move. Its so crazy awesome. :)

    Really neat that you're going the homebirth route! That's what we did and it was such an incredible experience. Very intense, but so, so, so amazing. I honestly cannot wait to do it all over again. Midwives are amazing people. I also had a doula during mine, she was mostly in the background but was so very helpful, really helped my husband out when he needed it and was so encouraging.

    And I loved being litterbox duty free for the 10 months + for months after. It. Was. Bliss. Love my kitties, hate kitty poop. :p

  13. Argh, I have been SO out of the blogosphere lately! I didn't realize you were pregnant! I am excited to look through older posts because apparently I've missed a lot. But, I am SO SO happy for you two! Your bump is SO adorable. I can't wait to hear more. Thanks for updating us!
    ♥Emma Deer

  14. That will be the best feeling ever....until ya hold that bundle! :) I loved being pregnant!!


  15. We are planning a home birth as well and I am so excited about it! for my first 20 weeks I was still with my regular OB/GYN's office while I interviewed HB midwives, and when I switched over my care completely it was SUCH a relief for me. I find my midwife SO much easier to talk to and she always puts my mind at ease. It's certainly not right for everyone but I've been super happy so far too. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed there aren't any last-minute complications that send me to the hospital (but I'm grateful we live less than 10 min from the nearest hospital, just in case!!)

  16. My OB told me the same thing about toxoplasmosis. I was getting really stressed out by people insisting I would have to give my sweet kitty away. The doctor said that the danger came from catching it for the first time while pregnant, and that since I'd had a cat for several years at that point the likelihood was that either I already had it or was resistant, so not to worry. I won't lie that my husband taking over litter duty "just in case" was an added bonus though ;D

    If we were to have another baby I would definitely go the homebirth route. Hope it works out well for you.

  17. So exciting! You are barely showing too - just at that point where you might notice in a tighter shirt like this. And vintage baby clothes - so cool! I hope you find some good pieces soon. Are you knitting stuff already?! Baby booties are so quick to knit - I made these adorable loafers for friends - the pattern is the Sartje Bootie on Ravelry but someone made a modification to it (I think you knit and crochet, right? I only knit, so I might be wrong there in assuming you do too....if so, sorry!)

  18. Our due dates must be fairly close! We're almost 22 weeks with a little girl :). I'm enjoying your blog, I've really gotten into it lately!

  19. I absolutely CANNOT wait to see him! It seems like you will be great parents and have thought about almost everything already. I hope you can feel him moving around soon!

  20. Eeee its a him! I cannot wait for you to get huge :) You're so cute! Gah!

    xo Ashley

  21. So beautiful <3 I love being able to see your journey through this!

  22. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Apparently, I have been away from the bloggy world for too long! Congratulations, Mama!!!!!!!!!!

  23. eeee! I love seeing these pictures; so adorable! I was working on my parent's kitchen table and my mom saw this post and she goes, "she's having a boy, isn't she?" I just stared at her, my mother the baby psychic. :P Congrats again!


  24. You should read this blog !!

    Your blog is amazing !
    I read it since last year,
    Cheers from Mexico.

  25. Midwives are amazing!!! I had hospital births but 100% taken care of with my midwives. I walked out of the hospital 3 hours after each of my kids was born. It's so nice to be free to go home and rest there. Plus the midwives are on call 24/7 and will come to you. It's a great experience. :)


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