Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pregnancy :: 21 Weeks

21 weeks, 1 day in photo
As of Thursday I am 21 weeks pregnant and I thought that this week I would answer some questions I got in the comment section of my announcement post.

1. How did I keep it a secret for so long?
I found out I was pregnant on Halloween and it was so hard not to say anything. We told our parents basically right away but then waited until around Christmas to tell friends. I planned on announcing it on the blog around New Years but there were still some friends that we hadn't seen and we wanted to make sure pretty much everyone knew before I said anything online. By the time we had told everyone it was almost time for my 20 week ultrasound and I just figured I would wait until after that to announce it.

2. Have you been sick?
Yes! From about week 6 to week 10 or 11 I was almost always nauseous with a bit of actual barfing thrown in there. Yeah, I said barfing. You asked! It was not fun at all and I was so happy when I started feeling consistently better. Still every now and then I will feel a little off but nothing too serious. I am so glad to be past the first trimester.

3. When did I start showing?
When we went away to Florida on February 9th I wasn't really showing. My stomach was definitely bigger but it just looked like I had put on a few pounds. By the time we came home on the 17th it was more obvious. Right around 20 weeks was when I feel like I started to actually look pregnant. It took a long time!

4. Have I been feeling kicks?
Kind of. I found out that my placenta is in the front so all of the kicks I'm feeling are pretty muffled. I can definitely feel this little guy moving around in there but not the way other people describe feeling kicks at this time in their pregnancy. I can feel them on the inside but not on the outside yet at all. I can't wait until that changes!

5. Have we picked a name?
Not yet. If this baby had have been a girl then she would already have a name. We had a really easy time agreeing on a girl name. Boy names are a lot harder for us though. We have about four on the table at the moment that we both really like. I can't wait until this baby boy has a name.

6. How will we raise the baby food wise?
As some of you may know, Ivan and I both follow a vegan diet. We think it is a healthy way to eat and plan on raising this baby on the same foods that we enjoy. Obviously our little guy's health is our first priority so we are going to make sure he gets everything he needs.

7. Will I keep blogging once the baby gets here?
You bet! You can't get rid of me that easily.

If anyone has any other questions let me know. I am so interested in pregnancy related things at the moment so it is fun to talk about a little bit on here. Have a great weekend!

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