Monday, March 4, 2013

Photos :: 365

I have been having so much fun with my 365 project this year and I am happy to say that it is not stressing me out at all like they sometimes did in the past. I'm glad I went in with a no rules, no pressure attitude because it is making it very enjoyable. Here are my photos from the last week.

56/365 :: All of the colours in my hair. I'm hoping that when the blue fades I will be able to put in some green. Green is the only colour I have never had and I have a container of it waiting for me under the bathroom sink. We'll see!
57/365 :: I ended up being totally unable to choose a planner for 2013 so I have been making my own monthly calenders to keep track of my blog schedule. Just some cardstock, sharpies, a ruler and I'm set for the month. I actually really love it.
58/365 :: One of the awesome brooches I just got from Hungry Designs. I can't wait to wear them with everything.
59/365 :: I am so sick of the snow. Up on the mountain we have way more than our nearby neighbours just down the mountain. Go away snow! Hurry up spring!
60/365 :: Last week I made Mexican Hot Chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate mousse frosting. They are so good and there is one left so I will definitely be finishing that up today. (Recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World)
61/365 :: Saturday, oh Saturday. It was such a crazy day that I almost forgot to take a photo. It's a long story that involves Home Depot (so it's boring and I won't tell you) but it totally threw me off and almost made miss my photo for the day. Luckily I remembered but this is my first photo of the project taken in the evening.
62/365 :: Ivan and I bought a used Playstation 2 earlier in the week (ours broke a bunch of years ago) so that we could play Final Fantasy X again. We love that game. Farva likes it too.

I hope everyone has a great Monday. I have a bunch of fun blog things to do today so I'm off to get started on that as well as eat some leftover Indian food.