Friday, May 3, 2013

5 Fave Friday

5. I loooove this dress!
Bake Shop Browsing Dress is Grass from ModCloth

The style is so great and I really love the colour too.

4. Twin Peaks stars then & now. If you are a fan, check it out!
The Log Lady looks awesome! Slightly crazy, but awesome.

3. I am totally obsessed with how this looks. I love it so much.
Our bedroom hasn't had a makeover yet...something like this could work!

2. Um, oh my gosh.
Sushi cats are cute!

1. Eeeek! These popsicles would be the coolest.
The Star Wars Cookbook Kit in Chilled Treats from ModCloth

I am happy to report that it is another beautiful day! I will stop giving weather updates soon I promise. I am just so excited that it is staying nice out. I hear that some places will be getting some unwelcome snow today and I am very sorry for your misfortune. I feel your pain.

Tonight Ivan and I are headed to Toronto to go to a baseball game. Ivan got tickets from work and I am pretty excited to get out and about for the night.

I hope everyone has a good Friday! I have emails to answer...I am waaaay behind. It's embarassing.



  1. That honeycomb wall is awesome! Makes me want to DIY something of the like in a different color scheme. Hmmmmmmmmm.

  2. I love that wall! It definitely does look like honeycomb. Such a great idea. And omg the sushi cats!!!!

    xox Sammi

  3. Bahahaha, sushi cats totally made my day!

  4. SUSHI CAT ahahahah! Looks like a suicide bomber :X

    Dana Ashrbook looks more handsome nowadays... Oh, Audrey Horne, the sultriest character EVER! xx

  5. I think I saw that bedroom on Pinterest. I love it and saved it as future home inspiration. I think it would be gorgeous in teals and ocean blues.

    Enjoy your ballgame!

  6. Sorry the blue jays lost. Not sorry my Mariners won :) that cat sushi is possibly the cutest thing ever.

  7. Love that honeycomb wall, I actually have it "pinned" on Pinterest :). I completely agree... Sushi Cats are so cute!

  8. I love all these things. OMG! Sushi Cats!

  9. Star Wars cookbook!! Did you enjoy your May the 4th (be with you)?


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