Thursday, May 2, 2013

Restyle :: Music Holder

When we got our piano it also came with this old, brassy music holder. I love it because it keeps music off of the top of the piano where it can look kind of messy but I didn't love the colour. Easy fix: pass the spray paint!
 photo musicholderbefore_zpsd77d1b7b.png
 photo musicholderafter_zps6592915a.png
Ahh, much better. I used a orange/gold colour and I love the way it looks with the blue walls. I think it would be really awesome to paint the piano a lighter version of the wall colour one day but we will see how ambitious I get on that one.
 photo pinnypiano_zpsb95b4ed7.png
The new look for the music holder is also Pinny approved. Isn't she looking so much older?! In the last few weeks she is really looking more like a cat instead of a kitten. I told her not to grow up but she is not a good listener.

Today my main goal is to move as little as possible. Yesterday I pruned our grapevines and apparently that was way too intense for my pregnant body to handle. I think I did too much reaching and bending. My stomach muscles are so incredibly sore today that it hurts to do anything. I am just going to rest and try to let them get over their traumatic experience of working yesterday.

On a positive note it is so nice out again today! Hooray!



  1. I love that little pop of color + your kitty is so adorable!! xo

  2. Love the makeover! It looks awesome, and it totally looks like something you'd buy at Urban Outfitters for like, $50+. The color is perfect. :)

    xox Sammi

  3. Whoa, I really love the color you chose! And Penny does look a lot older, it makes me miss my Theo being all tiny! Now he's huge and doesn't need me anymore! ;(

  4. OH my goodness! My mom had one of these things so gawdy & gold...but shoot, I wanna go find one now & spray paint the heck out of it! Great idea! My dad was going to refinish our piano since it was a gross green color.....well, he started it when I was probably like 12ish's still sitting in our living room half finished & I'm 25! But you can probably do it better lol

  5. Spray painting it was such a good idea, and I love the colour you chose!

  6. Brilliant!! I'm totally stealing this idea. I never know what to do with the music pieces I'm working on so they always end up all over the piano, looking messy. This solution is perfect!

  7. I always forget that spray paint is like magic. That rack turned out great. I even admired it at your place last week but didn't realize that you had painted it.

  8. Dream Theater? Really? I really start to love this blog! And a nice idea to paint it!


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