Friday, May 10, 2013

5 Fave Friday

5. Emily G has some of the cutest dresses!
This one looks pretty perfect.

4. Haha! Oh man, this shirt.
Who you Lookin' Cat Top from ModCloth
You can't really go wrong with a cat shirt.

3. We are looking for curtains for the baby room. I like both of these ones!
Things fell through with the carpet we wanted (it's a long story and I am very mad at Ikea) but we picked out a different one so now it is time for curtains! I can't wait to get the baby room finished.

2. I'm really excited about the upcoming A Beautiful Mess photo app!
I think it is going to be pretty awesome!

1. This picture frame is so cool!
Round Here Photo Frame in White from ModCloth

It is a really gloomy day so far but I'm feeling much better than I was yesterday because I gave myself a new hair look. My hair was getting long and it felt yucky so I chopped it and threw a bit more dye on to help hide my roots. I am always surprised at how a little hair change can make me feel a ton better.

Today I think I will work on some crochet projects that I am dying to finish. What are your plans for the day?



  1. I love all of these! The cat shirt is a MUST!

  2. I love the first courtains.. I think black and withe don't fit a baby room, too sofisticated..

  3. Im excited for ABMs app as well! Also would you mind recommending the dye you used?

    1. My absolute favoutie dye is Punky Colours. They are so vibrant and last a long time! And the dye smells fantastic.

  4. I LOVE this picture frame!It needs to be hanged on my bedroom wall, like, right now!

  5. I saw it about the new photo app too, way excited!

    be sure to come and enter my giveaway!

  6. I absolutely love Emily's dress - and boots! xx

  7. Woah that dress is adorable! I also need to dye my hair again - it is red.. but slowly fading away ;)



  8. The blue and white curtains I think fit better in a baby room :) Elsie and Emma are always coming up with brilliant ideas <3

    BTW there's a vintage give away going on, you might be interested ;)

  9. Hopefully you share pictures of the baby's room all done. I dig your taste <3

    xo Ashley


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