Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Photos :: Huntsville

On the long weekend Ivan, Milo and I headed up to Huntsville to visit our friends and to attend Muskoka Beerfest. We went last year and had a lot of fun so we really wanted to go again. This year a bigger group went so it was even more fun. Milo was such a good baby and hung out in his wrap for a long time with a few food/change breaks. I didn't drink much (just sips here and there to try things) but there were some yummy beers from some great craft breweries. Ivan brews his own beer so it is always really awesome for him to see what else is out there compare it to what he makes. Just FYI, Ivan makes really great beer!

Here are a few photos from our weekend away.
 photo IvanMilo_zpsfaed0da6.png
 photo cupcakes_zps3ddfe96d.png
 photo muskokabrewery_zps77b52934.png
 photo flyingmonkeycraftbrewery_zpsa3a47148.png
There were actually a whole bunch of babies at Beerfest. I was surprised!
 photo muskokabeerfest_zps4949a947.png
Milo gets all the ladies.
 photo miloandtheladies_zpse97dd35a.png
I really could dedicate an entire post to these trampoline photos, but here are a few.
 photo trampoline_zps312bec73.png
 photo trampoline4_zps1fbebca8.png
 photo trampoline2_zpsd58b937d.png
 photo trampoline3_zps1661bcfe.png
And, a cute baby in a hoodie. This trip and the cooler weather this weekend got me really excited about dressing Milo for Fall. Since it has been so warm I usually just put him in a onesie and maybe some light pants. I am super excited for baby cardigans and adorable jeans.
 photo milohoodie_zps5bfd3acb.png
I hope everyone has a great Wednesday. I'm planning on going out to that group for nursing mothers at Barefoot Babies again today. Does anyone local with a baby ever go there?

I hope everyone has an awesome day!



  1. Milo is such a babe magnet!


  2. Aww, our son had that Beatles shirt, too!
    Our son's name is Lennon, so, you know, we only thought it to be appropriate. :)

  3. Such a cute baby! And I find the beer cupcakes intriguing.

  4. Awww, the baby photos are so cute. I love this too, I've not been to a beer festival yet but they look like good fun, especially in this nice weather that everyone is getting! - Tasha xxx

  5. That looks like such a fun day! I managed to score a free set of beer-making equipment for my husband for Father's Day from someone getting out of the hobby and we're really excited to start brewing our own (too bad I can't drink it until December! WOE!). Does Ivan have a name for his beer? Alex wants to call his "Beer for Normal Men with Brains".

  6. Milo is so adorable!! Our son will be born in the winter so I get to do layers right away! I have already purchased a few super cute hoodies. :D

  7. Great pictures, love the trampoline ones. Even though you know how dangerous I think they are ;)

    Guess who?

  8. Awesome photos. Beer also helps the milk come in if you are not producing a lot. LOL! Milo is super cute!

  9. OMG - the little yawn from your baby bean is SO PRECIOUS AND PERFECT!!!

  10. Ah looks like the perfect weekend, and high five to Milo for being such a well behaved dude!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  11. SO jealous of your craft beer fest travels! I work at The Beer Store, and I love trying new beers. But there aren't any beer fests around here (way south, near Windsor) until our first one this fall. It looks like so much fun!


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