Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Photo an Hour :: July 31, 2013

Last Wednesday I took a photo an hour, my first one since Milo was born. My days are pretty different now and are very much based on the hunger of a little boy. Breastfeeding is pretty much a full time job, especially during growth spurts! Milo is definitely in the middle of one at the moment. Anyways, here is my day.

10 am :: We got a late start today. Sometimes we get up when Ivan goes to work but other days Milo and I go back to bed for a few hours. I took some time to answer emails this morning. I thought I was bad at prompt responses before...now I'm ridiculous. I apologize to anyone who emails me!
 photo 10am_zps6dc0d1e0.png
11 am :: Milo is starting to like being put down in this little bouncy seat for short periods of time now. He is getting more interested in just looking around.
 photo 11am_zpsd4d63934.png
12 pm :: Getting ready to head out to a social group. I really psyched myself up so that I wouldn't chicken out.
 photo 12pm_zps24263fe5.png
1 pm :: In the carseat, ready to go.
 photo 1pm_zps050f19f4.png
2 pm :: Hanging out at Barefoot Babies. The group was really great. It was super laid back and people were so friendly. I can't wait to go back.
 photo 2pm_zpsf385ed89.png
3 pm :: After the group I picked up a few treats for Ivan and I and a smoothie for myself from Sestre's Bakery.
 photo 3pm_zps4a0405dd.png
4 pm :: Milo and I getting stuff done in our Moby wrap. I reslly love it and will probably talk a bit about it in another post.
 photo 4pm_zpsabe47695.png
5 pm :: Taking a little rest while we wait for Ivan to get home.
 photo 5pm_zps7fceef73.png
6 pm :: A few quick Pinny snuggles before heading over to Ivan's Dad's house.
 photo 6pm_zpsfe3dc670.png
7 pm :: Hanging out.
 photo 7pm_zpsf0c52d94.png
8 pm :: A diaper change before heading home.
 photo 8pm_zpsfee06c65.png
There were quite a few more awake hours in the evening but I called it quits at 8:00.

So that's my day! I'm excited to keep up regular photo an hour days to see how things change in the coming months.

Have a great Tuesday!



  1. I just started following your blog, and read all the posts from the past year or so. Everything in your life is so colourful! Milo is adorable, and the two of you look like awesome parents.
    Congratulations, and keep being awesome!
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!

  2. Aww, he's grown so much Elycia! He's gorgeous. :)

  3. I loved my Moby wrap when my lil guy was born, I was able to get so much done with that on! Unfortunately it became much to warm for me to wear and my lil guy grew out of it. Enjoy it! I hope it lasts longer for you than it did with my man.
    Ric Rac Heart Attack

  4. Awww Milo! He's so precious and he's getting so big already!
    - Bianca

  5. your day sounds all too familiar! especially the full time breastfeeding and growth spurts! we re on about 8 napoy changes a day!! xx

  6. I swear he gets cuter everyday

  7. Oh my gosh! Milo's eyes are BEAUTIFUL! The close up you got of him in the car seat is amazing. Im a photographer in the jc penney portrait studio and I LOVE seeing babies come in with such bright beautiful eyes. Glad you and Milo had a fun day :)
    ~Caleisha [Apartment 203]

  8. yes please talk about the Moby wrap, i just got a sling but my other pregnant cousins are all talking about the moby wrap and I'm kinda clueless, fill me in please!

  9. Ahhh, that tiny hooded baby cardigan is SO CUTE. I just can't.

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

  10. gorgeous! I can't believe how much your posting since milo arrived! i am so impressed. I'm not sure if you want to turn your blog into a mummy blog but would be very interested in how the fabric diapers are going.

    Barnicles :)

  11. I haven't been to the wed group at barefoot babies-but I've been a bunch of times to the friday group and like it. I've been missing it recently because we've been busy, plus I must admit I don't live driving down there. Next week I lined up a bunch of baby outing-monday baby picasso (with momstown.ca group), wed. Leche group and mom and baby yoga, and maybe friday I'll attempt a barefoot babies outing. I love just walking around town now during the day!


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