Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Review :: Castegram


The lovely folks over at Casetagram offered to send me an iPhone case recently. I had been thinking about getting one on and off ever since I first saw them so obviously I accepted the offer and proceeded to cover my phone on babies! Fur and human.
 photo castegrambaby_zps7493f2a1.png
I just wouldn't feel right choosing anything else.
 photo iphonecase_zpsfd8723d6.png
There are a lot of really neat shape options (the polkadot one is so cool!) but I choose to fit in as many photos as possible with this one.

The case itself feels very sturdy (although I am not a phone dropper so if you are I am not responsible for a broken phone. Now that I've said this I'm going to drop my phone. I hope I don't. Anyways, I should probably close this bracket statement) and they are available for more than just the iPhone.

So there is my fancy new phone case. Have any of you designed Castegram phones? Show me a photo!

Today I am headed out to the group at Barefoot Babies again. I really look forward to Wednesdays now. It's great to get out and talk to other people even when my tendency is to think that I would rather stay home. I come back from outings like this feeling so energized and great about everything! I hope you have a great Wednesday too!


PS. Milo's awesome onesie is from Threadless and was a gift from my friend Alex!


  1. How lovely! Your fur and human babies! Love the case. And Milo got your eyes *.*

  2. Awh such lovely photos, amazing to be able to carry them with you! :) I did make a Casetagram case once but never placed the order. Maybe someday :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  3. One thing that sucks about having a phone that not a lot of other people have, is that there aren't a lot of cases out there to choose from. But, Iphones dont interest me, so it's okay I guess. :p

  4. This is way too cute!! Heading over there to check out more!!!!

  5. You will never get your phone mixed up with someone elses!
    Cute collage too. Never enough babies!

  6. Wow baby's looks so cute. This iPhone cover concept also awesome.

  7. Love this case - I'll definitely be checking out their site!


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