Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sponsor Feature :: August 2013

Hello there! I have one great sponsor to introduce you to today as well as tell you about some changes to my sponsor program. First the sponsor!
Go show Alison some love!

Now the changes. Starting in September I am going back to managing my own ads. I still think that Passionfruit is an absolutely amazing option for managing sponsor programs but honesrly, my sponsorship has decreased to the point where it will be easy enough for me to look after it myself.

I actually thought about just getting rid of the option to sponsor my blog but I decided to keep it around and make it a little more laid back. My ad options will remain the same for September and I will still have a sponsor feature next month but things will change in October. I haven't made my final decisions but I will be going with just one ad size at a lower price and no sponsor feature option. I think I will enjoy the change and I feel good about the decision. We will see how things go.

So, if you are interested in sponsoring for September check out my sponsor page for more information and then email me at loveelycia AT gmail DOT com. As always, I appreciare your support!

Have a good Thursday everyone!


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