Friday, September 27, 2013

5 Fave Friday

5. Emma's stainless steel countertops.
We need new countertops because ours came with a nice burn mark. It was included in the price, we didn't have to pay extra! Ok, not funny, sorry. Anyways, I don't really like the look of most countertops but I love the idea of stainless steel. I could get into that!

4. I really like this laundry hamper.
Trompe l'Aundry Hamper from ModCloth
This would look great in Milo's room! Right now we are using a garbage can fitted with a big black garbage bag to hold his to-be-washed cloth diapers. This would be 100% more adorable.

3. I usually go for brighter decor but I love this!

2. These are really cute! Milo might need me to make him a pair.

1. Our friend's band released their first single on iTunes. Ivan taught the two brothers in the band and we even played in a band with them for awhile. Anyways, we always love whatever they do musically and we are really happy and excited for them!

I hope you all have a great Friday. I really should take a look at my emails today. Seriously, this is the worst my inbox has ever been. Everything has been opened because I can't stand seeing unopened emails but that doesn't mean I have been reading them/responding to emails. If you have emailed me in the last...um...month or two...I probably owe you a response. Can someone just come over and deal with that stuff for me?


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  1. I have that laundry basket! Well one very similar :)

  2. That laundry bag is amazing, get it! X

  3. I have that laundry hamper! My mom bought it for me because she's adorable, haha

  4. Stainless steel is really frustrating to keep clean and fingermark/streak/waterspot free...it always looks grungy to me and it gets cut marks and dents if you don't use a cutting board like the pic above seems to show. Although anything is probably better than free burnmarks!

    1. Hmm, I didn't realize that. I do remember people complaining about their stainless fridges and stoves for that reason though.

  5. So my daughter has been potty trained for almost a year and I have yet to unload all her cloth diapers and stuff. I still have an XL Planetwise zip top wetbag - big enough to hold a few days' worth of diapers. Want it? It is slightly girly (brown with blue and green flowers) but an awesome dirty diaper bag. (That hamper is the cutest, though).

    1. Oh my gosh! That would be awesome Jenny!!! Thank you so much!

  6. I actually have that laundry hamper! It's super durable and I love it!!!


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