Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Photo an Hour :: August 31, 2013

I took a photo an hour on the last day in August. I will probably way this ten more times but I can't believe it is September! Milo will be three months old in no time and it still totally feels like he was born yesterday. Anyways, this photo an hour day we went up to visit my Dad's family for their annual corn roast which was also a bit of a baby shower for Milo. We had a great day.

10 am :: We were actually up at 8 something but had a bit of a busy morning so I forgot to take any photos before 10. This was Milo's morning nap after a little soak in the tub. Don't worry, with all those blankets around him you better believe this was a fully supervised nap. I got dressed and put on my makeup right beside him as he snoozed.
 photo 10am_zpsc539eeb2.png
11 am :: Milo with his Nana right before we left.
 photo 11am_zpsd749118a.png
12 pm :: I have really been enjoying this book. It's very laid back and matter of fact and I like that a lot. I like to read lots of things about babies and parenting to get a feel for all of the opinions out there and then make my own decisions based on what I learned and what feels right.
 photo 12pm_zps72a1d6ca.png
1 pm :: Car snack. I loooove this flavour.
 photo 1pm_zpsc0b3a443.png
2 pm :: The party decor. My cousin is really awesome with themes and decorating.
 photo 2pm_zps4ae66833.png
3 pm :: Such a sweet touch.
 photo 3pm_zpsb1b0d4b2.png
4 pm :: Ok so I'm cheating with this photo. I did in fact take a photo for 4 pm but I prefer this one because it shows what was really going on at four. Present time! Normally I feel pretty uncomfortable opening gifts in front of people but it was pretty laid back and fun. Oh and all the gifts were awesome! We are really lucky. Oh yeah, don't mind the wrinkles in my skirt. Geeze, we even have a steamer so I have no excuse for being wrinkly.
 photo 4pm_zps85af99d8.png
5 pm :: My cousin's adorable puppy Delilah. She is a Boxer/Bull Dog mix and she is so well behaved and sweet.
 photo 5pm_zpsc8336a80.png
6 pm :: In Canada we have special vanilla ice cream. Jealous?
 photo 6pm_zps7ff73ad8.png
7 pm :: Pretty flowers and the sun starting to go down. When the heck did it start setting so early!?
 photo 7pm_zps4a170af4.png
8 pm :: A short little bonfire. Milo and I were down there for a total of 2 minutes before he got fussy and we went inside for some playtime on the floor.
 photo 8pm_zps7029a544.png
What a great day!!

This week is going to be over before I know it. I am planning on looking into a few more group activities that Milo and I can go do. I'm thinking of swimming lessons/playtime in a few more months and some free city programs. I'm excited!



  1. that ice cream is amazing!! what a lovely day!! xo

  2. He has such a cute little face :)
    And I love the napkins!

  3. Beautiful photos! Loving your hair too!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  4. SO SO SO precious and sweet! Love his sleepy face!

  5. Yes I am jealous of your Canadian ice-cream. That looks so cool!
    And I'm loving your hair colour/s. So pretty.

  6. That pic with Milo and his Nana is too cute! That face he is making just cracks me up! And by the way anytime you need an excuse for your clothes being wrinkly, remember you are a new Mom! With an infant! No excuse needed!

  7. Everything at the party is so cute! Your cousin did a great job. Also, I was just commenting about how early the sun is setting already missing long days. And Milo is so sweet of course! :)

  8. Milo is really starting to look like a person, instead of a baby. I think that came out wrong haha, but either way, he's adorable! Looks like Ivan!


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